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Design for Assembly Handbook

Our DFA Handbook outlines a reliable system to help you reduce cost and speed up the production of your prototype PCBs.

8 Chapters
8 Chapters

Design choices go a long way in ensuring the quality and reliability of the end product. The Design for Assembly Handbook helps you avoid assembly delays and extra costs by checking:

  • The manufacturer’s requirements to assemble your PCB
  • Common DFA issues
  • Common PCB assembly defects
  • Factors that impact the cost of the PCBA


What is DFA?


DFA techniques are intended to arrive at a simpler product structure and assembly system.

Design for assembly includes a distinct design methodology that considers product functionality along with the cost and efficiency of the product assembly process.


The objectives of design for assembly


  1. The components selected in the BOM are available.
    1. DFA checks to ensure components are neither obsolete nor near end-of-life.
  2. The components’ manufacturing part numbers (MPN) must match with the footprint of the PCB.
  3. The component placement, sizes, and distances between the components are compatible with the assembly and manufacturing processes.
  4. The solder mask and solder paste layers are correct and meet the production requirements.
  5. The DNI (do not include) components are correctly marked and verified.


Also inside this Design for Assembly Handbook:


  • Recommended layout for components
  • Common PCB assembly defects
  • Factors that impact the cost of the PCB assembly, including:
    • Component packages
    • Board assembly volumes
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