All You Need to Know Once You Order

What is Sierra’s customer portal?

Our customer portal is a self-service portal providing an online communication channel between Sierra Circuits and customers. It enables customers to maintain their profiles, address book, change their password, and track their order history and any communication while order is in process. A Sierra Project number (eg SPX12345) may be assigned to an order and any open issues will be shown in that Project folder.

Typically the project will show issues related to DFM checks, DFA checks and anything that may cause job to go on-hold. The customer can see this customer portal page right after login or by clicking on the Sierra logo from any web page.

What is Sierra Project or SPX#?

The customer can find all the project details, communication, issues and resolutions in the Sierra Project. Every Sierra Project or SPX# is assigned a dedicated Project Manager. The customer can interact directly with our Sierra engineering team to place any change request. The live interaction screen provides more visibility to the process and documents all the interactions related to that order.

How can I access Sierra Projects?

A Sierra Project or SPX# will be generated after a qualifying order is placed. The customer will receive an alert email notifying them that an SPX has been created for their order. The customer can click on this link to auto-login or visit our website to log into their account and access a particular Sierra Project.

How do I know if there are any open issues with my project?

Anytime Sierra engineers publish issues in the project, the system will generate an alert email to inform the customer. The customer can click on the SPX or Issue link provided in the email to auto-login or visit our website to log into their account and add a resolution.

Special components that Sierra cannot procure in time can be shipped to 306 Portrero Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Please include your internet order number in the attention line.

Who will get notified when Project or Issues is created?

Sierra sends out email notifications to all of the members included in the notification list with a primary role when there is an open project or issue is created. The customer can manage their notification list from the Project Settings page in SPX#/Sierra Project or they can request that the sales person make a change to their Notification List. The customer can also review their notification history and event log on the Project Settings page.  

Yes, you can forward this link to the person who can provide issue resolution. A secondary person needs to provide their information in order to be able to access this project.

How do I request a change in my project?

You can create a change request on the Issue Page. Click on “Create Change Request”, enter the details of the change request, and attach files if any.

Can I see live status of my job?

Yes, you can check the live status on the Project Details page by accessing the Order Status tab.