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Ball Grid Array (BGA) Package
Line Spacing

Line Spacing: A Key to Long-Term Relationship with Your PCB

Spacing is important, whether it’s in your day-to-day life or in the PCB industry. Consider, you have a noisy neighbor, won’t you prefer to have more space between you? PCB

Natasha Baker

7 PCB Libraries Questions Answered by Natasha Baker

Which standards should I use for my PCB libraries? What factors will affect the manufacturability of my final PCB? What are the common errors that I need to be extra

Automotive PCBs

Automotive PCB: The Chassis of the Modern Automotive Industry

The sound vroom… has been turning heads since the time the automobiles hit the streets. The integration of electronics has catapulted the growth of the automotive industry substantially. Buyers look


DDR4 Vs DDR5: May the Best RAM Win!

Getting a new phone? Make sure RAM is minimum 4GB. 6GB RAM is at least required for the proper working of your high processing phone and what not! Make sure

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