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Ultra-low Impedance Testing Using the 2-Port Shunt-Through Measurement Technique

Every cable will have cable losses which are marked as cable resistances in Figure 3. Due to National Electrical Code ... more »

PCB Design

Measuring PCB, Cable and Interconnect Impedance, Dielectric Constant, Velocity Factor, and Lengths

Controlled impedance PCBs often include a measurement “coupon”, which typically includes sample traces, 6 inches long and constructed as part ... more »

Controlled Impedance

Power Supply and Jitter Optimization for Clocks

The topic of clock jitter performance seems to be a current focus of clock, ADC, and power supply, manufacturers.  The ... more »

PCB Design

How to Design Power Supply for Sensitive Circuits

Low power, high-performance circuits are often plagued by power supply-related issues.  This common occurrence is frequently due to mythical (or ... more »

PCB Design

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