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Soldering Flux: Acids, Solids and Solvents

Flux consists of two basic ingredients: acids to remove oxides and a substance or substances (“solids”) to coat the surface ... more »

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A Practical Guide to Soldering Flux

For more than 40 years, I have been teaching that perfect soldering is easy – the solder will do the ... more »

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Making Sense of Wave Soldering

Depending on component technology, many options exist for automated mass soldering today. But wave soldering was the first – and, ... more »

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How to Achieve Perfect PCB Soldering

Perfect PCB soldering is easy! It’s also very rare. What can explain this contradiction? If perfect soldering is easy, why ... more »

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8 Soldering Tips To Watch Out For

My previous posts have discussed specific soldering-related topics to help you achieve perfect soldering. Following are some soldering tips that, ... more »

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