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Design your boards correctly from the start. Sierra Circuits’ webinars provide critical information to prevent delays and avoid unnecessary costs.

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Flex PCB Design for Manufacturing and Signal Integrity

Speaker: Steve Watt

Steve Watt

Engineering Manager
Zuken USA

» On Demand Webinar  -  53 Minutes

In this Webinar:

Designing flex and rigid-flex circuit boards calls for an advanced methodology compared to standard rigid boards. This means following certain flex PCB design for manufacturing. From material selection ... more »

Advanced Practices in HDI PCB Design

Speaker: Amit Bahl

Amit Bahl

Director of Sales & Marketing
Sierra Circuits

» On Demand Webinar  -  55 Minutes

In this Webinar:

Efficient routing strategies to breakout chips and BGAs and fine lines that transmit signals efficiently are what come to mind when designing HDI PCBs. The primary objective is ... more »

Stackup Designer and Impedance Calculator Demo

Speaker: Pranav Manjanath Tengse

Pranav Manjanath Tengse

Project Engineer
Sierra Circuits

» On Demand Webinar  -  50 Minutes

In this Webinar:

Watch this Stackup Designer and Impedance Calculator demo in which our design team shows you the best features of our PCB tools.

Flex PCB Design Guidelines for Manufacturing

Speaker: Janine Flagg

Janine Flagg

Applications Engineer
EMA Design Automation

» On Demand Webinar  -  41 Minutes

In this Webinar:

In order to benefit from all that flex PCBs have to offer, you must have a clear vision of the printed circuit boards functionality, familiarize yourself with the ... more »

Zero Defects guaranteed on all PCB fabrication

Reduce Re-Spins with our Zero Defect Guarantee.

Our platform sources the whole package, creating a thread from design to delivery. Fabricating PCBs. Procuring parts. Assembling your boards.

Once you upload your BOM, Our best-in-class software automatically checks for errors and cleans your file for you. After you place an order, your dedicated CAM engineer will run a full DFM and DFA check to ensure your prototype achieves Zero Defect every time—all at no additional cost to you.

Get to market faster and spend less time troubleshooting.

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Steps to Get Your Controlled Impedance Right the First Time

Speaker: Matthew Harms

Matthew Harms

Electrical Engineer
EMA Design Automation

» On Demand Webinar  -  55 Minutes

In this Webinar:

In this webinar, the design and DFM experts at EMA and Sierra Circuits will help you understand how to set up your design to meet your desired controlled ... more »

Selecting PCB Materials: Electrical and Manufacturing Considerations

Speaker: Amit Bahl

Amit Bahl

Director of Sales & Marketing
Sierra Circuits

» On Demand Webinar  -  48 Minutes

In this Webinar:

Choosing the right materials for your PCB design is important because the materials you choose can impact the overall performance. Therefore, understanding the manufacturing process and your options ... more »

Unlock Your Signal Integrity Analysis Potential

Speaker: Tim Wang Lee, PhD

Tim Wang Lee, PhD

SI Application Scientist
Keysight Technologies

» On Demand Webinar  -  43 Minutes

In this Webinar:

You will learn the mechanisms affecting signal integrity to give you practical tips for evaluating link designs and troubleshooting issues. If you are new to signal integrity, this ... more »

DFM for Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs Utilizing SMT

Speaker: Vern Solberg

Vern Solberg

SMT Technical Consultant

» On Demand Webinar  -  50 Minutes

In this Webinar:

This webinar covers the DfM principles for flexible and rigid-flex circuits, SMT component selection and land pattern development, and DfM for SMT assembly processing.

PCB Design for Low EMI

Speaker: Kenneth Wyatts

Kenneth Wyatts

Wyatt Technical Services, LLCs

» On Demand Webinar  -  65 Minutes

In this Webinar:

Kenneth Wyatts explains why reducing circuit loop areas is only part of the solution and to understand proper board design for lowest EMI requires understanding how signals propagate ... more »

How Much Insertion Loss is Too Much

Speaker: Dr. Eric Bogatin

Dr. Eric Bogatin

Signal Integrity Evangelist
Teledyne Lecro

» On Demand Webinar  -  67 Minutes

In this Webinar:

All high-speed serial links are sensitive to the losses in a system. How much loss is too much, and when your channel approaches this limit, what can you ... more »

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