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7 Habits to Successfully Pass EMC

Headshot of Kenneth Wyatt

Kenneth Wyatt

Principal Consultant
Wyatt Technical Services LLC

Kenneth Wyatt explains how to pass EMC

For this webinar on 7 habits to successfully pass EMC, Kenneth Wyatt writes, “As an EMC consultant for over 15 years, I’ve realized the root cause of many product design issues revolves primarily around the circuit board design, identification and placement of noisy circuits and how the I/O and power connectors are arranged and filtered. Attaching I/O or power cables to a noisy PC board can result in radiated emissions, radiated immunity, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) compliance failures, among others. Bad designs often result in endless cycles of trial and error mitigation, compliance testing and board spins. This drags out the schedule and is very costly. In this presentation, I’ll explain seven different design “habits” to consider in order to achieve a low-EMI board the first time!”


What you’ll learn

Kenneth Wyatt will be discussing these topics:

    1. PC board stack-up & how signals propagate
    2. Identification of noisy circuits & partitioning
    3. Filtering and locating I/O and power ports
    4. Cable termination & pigtails
    5. Traces crossing gaps
    6. Grounding vs signal return
    7. Local shielding and use of RF absorber


About Kenneth Wyatt

Kenneth Wyatt is principal consultant of Wyatt Technical Services LLC and served three years as the senior technical editor for Interference Technology magazine from 2016 through 2018. He has worked in the field of EMC engineering for over 30 years with a specialty in EMI troubleshooting and pre-compliance testing.

He is a co-author of the popular EMC Pocket Guide and RFI Radio Frequency Interference Pocket Guide. He also co-authored the book with Patrick André, EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers, with forward by Henry Ott. He recently completed and released a three-volume “EMC Troubleshooting Trilogy”, which is now available through Amazon.

He is widely published and authors a monthly column, Practical EMC, for the Signal Integrity Journal, has blogged for for many years and continues to write for Interference Technology Magazine. Ken is a senior life member of the IEEE and a longtime member of the EMC Society.

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