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The History of High Density Interconnect

High density interconnect (HDI) technology is far more than the miniaturization of circuit design. It represents a significant breakthrough in our industry.

Tips for Designing HDI PCBs

For some designs, using HDI can save you time and cost. Make sure your HDI board is being correctly designed. HDI expert Happy Holden was kind enough to send over

Picture of a laptop and PCB blueprints in the background

PCBs: From Concept To Ordering

Say your business is looking for a new printed circuit board—anything from the finished layout for a wearable device or a heads-up display, to fabrication and assembly of a prototype.

HDI Stackup: Routing A .4mm Pitch

Here is the first of many HDI examples we will be sharing. This is a .4mm BGA pitch on a 6×6 matrix. It has 4 – 5 mil trace/space, with

Sierra Announces I-Speed, Isola Material

Sierra Circuits now offers Isola’s I-Speed material. This high-performance material offers excellent thermal reliability and CAF performance, due to the glass bundling. Because there is no glass bundle with each