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EMI/EMC best PCB design practices

7 PCB Design Tips to Solve EMI/EMC Issues

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) will monitor the generation of the radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI) from electronic circuitry. Poor EMI/EMC, noise generation and poor signal transmission are found to

Mil-Grade PCB design

Military-Grade PCB Design Rules and Considerations

The term military-grade PCBs can only be used in relation to products manufactured to military specifications. The equipment consisting of these boards has to operate faultlessly under extreme conditions. Hence,

PCB Design Vendor Bay Area

10 Tips To Help You Choose A PCB Design Vendor

The sassy and coming of age PCB that you just put forwarded in the market suddenly hit the bottom rocks? Even after using all the new age technologies, still not


Spacing Requirements: Things That Drive Your PCB Mad!

Are you familiar with horse racing? Well, of course you are. It is one of the oldest and traditional sports known to mankind. Horse racing involves riders or jockeys riding

Microsection Analysis

Cross-Section Analysis: A Microscopic Visual Validation of PCBs

The cross-section or micro-section analysis is a destructive analysis that measures the quality of the manufactured board. It’s basically an interconnection defect analysis process that detects and verifies what went

The perfect blend of electronics and human anatomy

Medical PCBs: The Revolutionary Evolution in Healthcare

Electronic Anatomy or PCBs in Electronics Doctors are like that supreme power on earth. They have been here, treating people since almost stone age. But as time advanced, the criticality,