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Flex Classifications

Flex Classifications

Flex classification is crucial for identifying the type of flexible printed circuit board you are designing. Make sure you know what the standards and requirements are before beginning your design.

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Flex PCB Design Tips

2015 has been all about flex here at Sierra. We launched our new flex PCB manufacturing capabilities, we wrote a Flex Design Guide, and we even co-presented a free flex

Bend Radius and Heat-Forming Flex PCBs

Flexible PCB design guidelines differ dramatically from traditional rigid PCBs. We’ve discussed this in 5 Must-Knows For Your First Flex Design, Intro To Flex PCBs, and A Must-Know Flex PCB

What Makes Sierra’s Flex PCBs Unique

Flex printed circuit boards can offer many advantages over rigid PCBs. They offer excellent tensile strength, extreme bendability, and fewer design and manufacturing constraints.

Rigid-flex Webinar with Altium

Sierra and Altium have teamed up to bring you a rigid-flex webinar. On September 1, at 10:00 am, we will be discussing rigid-flex design for manufacturing tips, sample stackups, and

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Intro To Flex PCBs

If you have been a regular user of electronic devices at any point in the past 30 years—or have just looked up at the procession of phones, laptops, and MP3