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Are you a PCB designer? Our NoTouch self-service ordering system enables you to specify two-layer, four-layer, and six-layer PCBs entirely online for quick turn delivery at the minimum cost. Using NoTouch, you can get a quote, automatically verify your design, and submit your order in one transaction online.Our free downloadable PCB design guide explains everything you need to know about ordering through NoTouch.
The Free NoTouch PCB Design Guide:
  • Explains NoTouch design guidelines and specs
  • Details data files required for NoTouch orders
  • Shows how to quote and order
NoTouch PCB Manufacturing Advantages
  • Our automated file verification system checks your design immediately, and sends feedback within minutes.
  • Your design is verified as manufacturable before you order, saving you time by avoiding order holds for clarification.

Check out Sierra Circuits' NoTouch Design Guide for more information on NoTouch and its benefits.
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