Turnkey Pro: Sierra Circuits' Quickturn PCB Assembly Service


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We have several resources, including articles, log posts, videos, and a case study.

PCB Quickturn

PCB Guy: QuickTurn

We've mastered the art of quickturn PCBs. Learn how your PCB requirements impact the entire design process.
PCB Case Study

QuickTurn Case Study

Sierra's quickturn PCB services helped Punch Through Design speed their design, development, and testing processes.
Quick PCB Turnaround Times

3 Factors Contributing to Quick PCB Turnaround Times

PCB design and manufacturing are two of the most important factors that help or hinder quickturn PCBs. Learn how to procure the fastest quickturn boards.
Quick PCB Turnaround Times

How to Develop a Quickturn PCB Manufacturing Partnership

Here are the four most important things to keep in mind when choosing a PCB quickturn manufacturing partner.
Quick PCB Turnaround Times

Sample Bill of Materials (BOM) file

Save time on your fabrication and assembly orders by formatting your BOM correctly. Download sample BOM in .xls format.