• All orders are FOB Sunnyvale, California, USA unless otherwise specified within the Quote. For deliveries outside USA, all Duties and Customs are the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  • Prices are quoted in US Dollars; Taxes and Shipping Charges are extra as applicable.
  • Custom Quotes provided to you are only valid for 30 days unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by our representatives.
  • Payment terms are typically mentioned at the top of this Quote.
  • Prices shown on this document are based on information provided by customer’s Gerber files and associated instructional documents at date of quotation/order. To facilitate quick-turns, customers sometime request us to release orders with a pending PO. Any changes requested to PCB manufacture/assembly processes after placing order, or any new details that emerge in a pending PO, may result in additional charges.
  • The Turn Time shown is calculated using business days. Weekends and business holidays are excluded in any turn time calculations. Additional turn days may be added to orders that are placed “On Hold,” waiting for customer response for resolution of missing information or discrepancies.
  • Credit Application
  • Attention California Residents: CCPA Compliance 2020


  • Sale subject to limited warranty (details in Limited Warranty section below). Warranty extends only to bare PCBs and does not apply after components are added by you or others. Our liability shall not exceed price paid by you for the ordered PCBs. No change or addition to these terms, or any additional or different terms on your purchase order, shall be binding on us unless executed in writing by one of our officers.
  • If Sierra Circuits is assembling the boards then we will also warranty the Assembly Labor workmanship.
  • If IPC Netlist is not provided in 356 format, Sierra Circuits will create a net-list from the incoming customer Gerber files to generate an electrical test program. In such cases, Sierra cannot guarantee, nor can it be liable for the electrical performance of the boards, since the test program itself is derived from the files submitted.
  • If you send us your design files in multiple formats (say, Gerbers and ODB++) it is your responsibility to ensure that the design in both formats is the same. We reserve the right to use any of the formats sent to us and will not cross-check between formats for consistency.
  • If you are ordering our “Web PCBs” or “Turnkey Pro” product, the selection you made online, and the product you chose online, takes priority over your fab drawing or readme notes. Example: Say you chose material FR4 online and your fab drawing calls for Rogers material, we will simply process your order using FR4 material. The price quoted online is based on the specifications and product you chose online.
  • Manufacturing Optimizations: As with most other PCB manufacturers, we may make simple optimizations to your design to ensure boards are manufactured correctly. Such changes do not affect the electrical functionality of your design. These may include:
    • Teardrops may be added to pad/trace interfaces to ensure better connectivity.
    • Slivers less than .005″ may be filled in to prevent resist slivers on the panels.
    • Soldermask dams that are less than .004″ wide between SMD pads which have a .003″ minimum clearance may be gang relieved.
    • Silkscreen may be clipped to ensure it does not get on top of pads/copper features.
    •  Non-functional pads may be removed from inner layers.


This limited warranty is governed by the laws of the State of California

Sierra Circuits warrants its bare boards against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 90 days from date of shipment (“Warranty Period”). If a defect arises and a valid claim is received within the warranty period, Sierra Circuits will, at its option and to the extent permitted by law, for any bare boards that are returned and confirmed by Sierra Circuits to be non-conforming to the order specifications and/or the applicable quality and acceptability standards, either (I) replace the bare board at no charge or (II) issue a credit equal to the original purchase price of the bare board. When a product is exchanged, any replacement item becomes the customer’s property and the replaced item becomes Sierra Circuits’ property. When a refund is given, the product for which the refund is provided must be returned to Sierra Circuits and becomes Sierra Circuits’ property. Sierra Circuits will not accept liability for any cost in addition to the value of the bare boards including but not limited to components, labor, business interruptions and any other consequential damages or losses. Sierra Circuits disclaims any open-ended acceptance of liability for losses beyond its control.

If Sierra Circuits assembled the PCB then we will include the cost of any components Sierra Circuits supplied and all labor that Sierra Circuits supplied with regard to replacing the assemblies or issuing a credit. All other limitations will still apply. Also see Assembly Warranty section below.

This limited warranty does not apply to:

  • To damage caused by use with non-Sierra Circuits products
  • To damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes
  • To damage caused by use of the product outside the permitted or intended uses described in the order specifications
  • To damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Sierra Circuits
  • To a product or part that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of Sierra Circuits or
  • To cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches or dents, that does not otherwise affect the product’s functionality or materially impair it’s use.

To the extent permitted by law, this warranty and remedies set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies, and conditions, whether oral or written, statutory, express or implied. As permitted by applicable law, Sierra Circuits specifically disclaims any and all statutory or implied warranties, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and warranties against hidden or latent defects. If any term of this warranty is held to be illegal or unenforceable, the legality or enforceability of the remaining terms shall not be affected or impaired. Except as provided in this warranty and to the extent permitted by law, Sierra Circuits is not responsible for direct, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty or condition, or under any other legal theory, including but not limited to loss of use; loss of revenue, loss of actual or anticipated profits (including loss of profits on contracts); loss of the use of money; loss of anticipated savings; loss of business; loss of opportunity; loss of goodwill; loss of reputation; loss of damage to or corruption of data; or any indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever caused including the replacement of equipment and property, any costs of recovering, programming or reproducing any program or data stored or used with Sierra Circuits products. Sierra Circuits disclaims any representation that it will be able to make a product exchange without risk to or loss of programs or data. You must assist in diagnosing issues with your bare board and follow Sierra Circuits warranty processes.

While we cannot make any promises regarding what we might agree to in the future we are committed to do whatever is reasonable to make right any problems we may have created for our customers.


  • Quote is based on RFQ Data provided at the time of this quote and is subject to change if data has changed at the time of order. We do not perform a full DFM analysis nor do we identify all the issues at the time of quoting. For turnkey quotes, the availability of components varies every day; and we do not guarantee that all the components will be readily available at the time of order without any lead-time issues.
  • Components Invoicing:
    • Sierra Circuits sends progress invoices for components: invoices for components will be sent when Sierra has started the procurement of components for your order. Such component invoices will be on Net 0 Terms (immediately due upon receipt).
    • High value component orders: If components order is more than $15,000, we will need 50% of the components order amount paid in advance to us at the time of booking (e.g. if components are $18000, then we will need $9000 in advance before order starts).
  • First Article (FA) requests at time of quote:
    • For Turn-Key or Consigned assembly quotes that require a First Article (FA), we will include a separate line item for the FA in the quote.
    • For Turn-key orders, Sierra will only purchase components sufficient for the FA, unless customer agrees to pre-pay for components required for both FA and Production orders to save component costs.
  • FA requests after order has been placed:
    • For consigned and turn-key orders, Sierra will re-quote and show separate quotes for FA and Production.
    • Sierra will invoice customer for all FA as per quote, and invoice will include all bare boards made (including boards that are not used for the FA)
    • Sierra will invoice customer for all components purchased prior to FA request at the time bare boards are shipped.
  • For turnkey or consigned assembly orders that have a FA: At the time PCB’s are shipped to assembly, customer will be invoiced in full for all bare boards (including boards that are remaining for the production order that is pending FA approval).
  • In all instances, should FA testing by the customer take longer than 20 days, Sierra will ship any components kept for remaining assemblies back to the customer and invoice accordingly. Customer may return the components at a later date to continue with the remaining assemblies under a new work order number.
  • Requests to split the original order into multiple builds will be priced as per quoting guidelines.
  • If, for any reason, an assembly order (be it consigned or turnkey) is put on hold after PCBs are made, and the hold is more than 20 days, Sierra Circuits reserves the right to invoice customer for all the PCBs fabricated and any components purchased for that order.
  • In case we ship your Assembly order in partial shipments, please note that all components and miscellaneous charges (for the whole lot) may be invoiced with the first partial shipment.
  • Payments for all invoices will be as per terms mentioned in Quotes and Invoices. Customer shall not withhold payment against invoices already raised for any reason whatsoever, like unsatisfactory workmanship, pending rework or non-functioning boards or for any other reason. (For mitigation of these reasons, see Warranty and Limited Liability Clauses below).
  • If the payment for the Order is being done using a credit card then, by providing us a credit card number, you are also authorizing us to charge the card as per our policies.
  • Cancelled Orders: In general, you are liable for the cost of parts that have been purchased and expenses that have been incurred prior to cancelling an order.
  • Turn Time: Assembly Turn Time will start when the kit is complete AND all assembly data related issues are resolved.
  • Assembly Order Acceptance is not guaranteed until your account is found in good standing.
  • Order Cancellation Charges.
    •  Assembly Labor cancellation charges after order has been released: Cancellation charge will be determined by the percentage of labor performed before cancellation date, with a minimum of $450.
    • Turn-Key Component cancellation charges after order has been released: Customer will pay 100% of components costs for components purchased by Sierra prior to cancellation date. This will include any shipping, kit-auditing and handling costs as applicable. All such components will be sent to Customer.
  • Component shortages:
    • Consigned parts shortage: If regardless of shortage, customer has asked us to proceed to the assembly phase and if customer does not send the parts within 2 days of starting the order, then we will complete all assemblies with whatever components were consigned to us, and all assemblies (including shortage assemblies) will be shipped and invoiced as per order, and the order would be deemed to be completed. Subsequently, if the customer ships the shortage assemblies with the shortage parts to us for rework, such rework assembly would be performed by Sierra either at no charge or at a suitable rework charge to be determined by Sierra.
    • Turnkey parts shortage: where it is known that some parts cannot be quickly procured due to unavailability or long lead times or other reasons, and customer specifically asks us to start the job nevertheless, such assemblies (including shortage assemblies) will be shipped and invoiced as per order, and the order would be deemed to be completed. When Sierra receives the ordered long lead-time components, customer may EITHER elect to ship those parts shipped to them (in which case no additional rework is involved); OR customer may send the shortage assemblies BACK to Sierra for completion rework (Rework & Re-Shipping charges will apply).
  • Completeness of Assembly data: It is customer’s responsibility to provide complete and correct assembly data, BOM in excel spreadsheet, Assembly Gerbers, assembly drawings, Special instructions if any, and XY Pick and Place Data for SMT parts. If customer is unable to provide correct XY Data, additional charges will apply.
  • Discrepancy in data: Customer is responsible for providing data that is consistent and has no discrepancy in information. Sierra Circuits tries to identify any discrepancies in customer data but will not be responsible if some discrepancy is not caught. Any issues caused due to such discrepancy in customer data is solely customer’s responsibility.
  • On-Time: Sierra may make partial shipments for your order. You order will be considered shipped on-time if at least 90% of assemblies are shipped by the due date.
  • Order Completeness: Orders may be considered complete, if the quantity shipped is within +/- 5% of the original quantity. Sierra will invoice customer for the boards shipped.

SPECIAL NOTE about substituting un-available passive components:

For non ITAR orders: In case of non-availability of specific passive components in your BOM, Sierra Circuits will use a direct replacement (Form, Fit, and Function Alternate) which either matches or is better on tolerance & other specifications. This is a common practice in the Assembly industry, and for all online orders we simply substitute the unavailable passives if needed.
For custom orders only: If you do not want such substitutions of passive components to be made without approval, you must explicitly say so in the header section of your BOM and also on your PO. Furthermore, you must inform your sales person at the time of placing your custom order that you want to approve every substitution.

For ITAR orders (whether online or custom): We will ALWAYS get customer approval before making ANY such substitutions.


Once your order is received, it may go through a quick Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) analysis, to prevent any holds during manufacturing and assembly. If we find any issues, these must be resolved promptly. We may use our Customer Portal to interact with you on such issues and/or we will contact you by phone/email as needed.

We cannot start manufacturing/assembly if such issues are unresolved. An unreasonable delay in resolving issues may push out your delivery date accordingly.

(Note: We only do a DFA on orders that include our Assembly services. An example of a DFA issue: The landing pads on your board don’t match the footprint for component C12.)

Your responsibility to help ensure delivery dates are not changed

When you place your order our engineering team will start working on it (mostly DFA/DFM checks), and identify any discrepancies or missing information and will contact you by email/phone, likely using your 24 hour contact number. For many orders, such issues will also be posted on your Customer Portal for you to respond online.

In order to ensure on time completion of your order, you must respond to such communication promptly, so that the delivery date is not affected.

  • If your order is for a very fast turn (1 or 2 day turn time) and your responses are delayed by more than 1 hour, it might lead to a change in the delivery date.
  • If your order is for 3 days or more and your responses are delayed by more than 3 hours, it might lead to a change in the delivery date.


Any PCBs manufactured under Web PCB or TURNKEY PRO service will follow their respective service guidelines/restrictions as defined on their product pages online. Any other spec mentioned in your files will be disregarded. Furthermore, ITAR orders are not allowed in TURNKEY PRO web-based service; customer should be aware that for TURNKEY PRO orders, we may use our fully-owned offshore engineering center to engineer your boards for manufacturing & assembly. All manufacturing and assembly is done in USA in our Sunnyvale, California location.

If you are ordering using these services, where applicable, the selection you make online takes priority over what you indicate in your fab drawing or readme notes.

Example: Say for your PCB quote you choose material FR4 online, and placed an order. Now, suppose your fab drawing calls for Rogers material, we are within our rights to then simply process your order using FR4 material, because that is what was indicated online and that is what your online quote and service specs were based on.

Our online assembly labor pricing applies to services that fall within our standard assembly processes. The online labor quote is for RIGID boards only.

Furthermore, our online services do not include the following:

  • Assembly of Flex or Rigid-Flex boards.
  • Assembly of special items like PEM nuts, Turrets Terminals, Rivets, and Press-Fit connectors.
  • Special assembly processes like: Wire-Bonding, Conformal Coating, Underfills, Staking, POP assembly, wires & cables assembly.
  • Assembly Rework like cutting traces, soldering wire jumpers & cables onto the boards.

When you place an online order and we notice such special items or services, we will typically put your order on hold and quickly provide you an additional quote. We will require your approval on the extra cost for such services before proceeding with your order.


  • If your boards have via-in-pad features on component pads, we put the PCBs through a process of via-filling to ensure good solderability. This is the best practice for board fabrication (regardless of which company assembles the boards.) We specifically ask in the online system if your design has via-in-pad features on component pads; if so, the online system quotes it appropriately. If you indicate No for via-in-pad in the online quote but during our DFM process we do find such features, please understand that this may add to your price and lead time. A customer service team member will contact you accordingly.
  • Minimum charge for components: If you are ordering components through our Web Assembly service or Turnkey Pro service, there is a minimum charge of $100 for components. This is to accommodate our fixed costs of procuring and auditing any component kit. Example, if your Components kit gets quoted at total of $78, the system will still show you $100 as a minimum total charge for the components.
  • Boards fabricated under these online services are made to IPC-6012 Class 2 specifications. However, for any boards ordered online, we do not provide customers with IPC reports or Microsection coupons.
  • If you need IPC reports or Microsection coupons for your order, please do not use online quoting/ordering, ask for a Custom Quote instead.

SPECIAL NOTE about substituting un-available passive components in our ONLINE offers: Web PCB/Assembly or Turnkey Pro

There is a current market shortage on passive components. In case of non-availability of specific Passive Components in your BOM, Sierra Circuits will use Direct Replacement (FORM, FIT & FUNCTION) Alternate which matches or is better on tolerance & other specifications. This is a common practice in the Assembly industry.


  • For No Touch PCB orders, our turn time commitment is made on a “best effort” basis. Please note that there may be (very rare) instances when we exceed our specified time in manufacturing a No Touch PCB order. In such cases, we will refund all or part of your shipping charges on the next order. In case there are any significant delays we will refund the corresponding turn time premium. For example if a 2 day turn is delayed to 4 days, we will give you a refund of the premium we charged you for the 2 day turn over the 4 day price. Again, this is for No Touch online orders only!
  • In the No Touch process, our Auto File Verification program only does a quick automatic verification on specific features like traces/spaces, annular ring sizes, minimum hole sizes, hole density etc to ensure these meets our No Touch specs. In other words, No Touch does not offer a 100% Design Rule Check and Electrical Testing; If you need that, you should use our Web PCB product online or our get a Custom Quote.
  • In the No Touch process, please do not upload any Milspec, Class 3, Military/Defense related, or ITAR designs. Customers are explicitly prohibited from loading such designs in No Touch processing. Please get a Custom Quote instead.


Our shipping charges shown online are for up to a 1 lb. package weight and for Assembly orders are for up to a 8 lb. package weight. If your PCB/Assembly shipment exceeds that weight we will charge appropriate additional shipping charges.


  • Assembly workmanship: All assembly workmanship will be as per IPC-A-610 unless otherwise directed in writing. All soldering will be using standard Tin/Lead solder in case of standard solder process assembly OR ROHS compliant solder in case of ROHS assembly and water soluble OA flux unless otherwise directed in writing.
  • ASSEMBLY WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY: We warrant each assembly for workmanship up to 30 days after shipment. In case of any unsatisfactory assembly workmanship, we will repair the assembly free of charge OR credit the quoted cost of the assembly labor at our sole discretion. Any modifications done to the assemblies by customer will nullify our warranties.
  • This warranty is also nullified on products which have been subject to misuse (including static discharge), neglect, accident or which have been altered by you and are not capable of being tested.
  • Sierra Circuits is not responsible for any damage or lack of functionality caused by defective design, components or PCBs provided by you or as a result of deficiencies in the electronic materials provided by you.
  • LIMITED LIABILITY-I: We are not liable for rework, repair or replacement for any faulty components supplied to us by customer or purchased by us from vendors in accordance with customer supplied BOMs.
  •   LIMITED LIABILITY-II: We are neither responsible nor liable for assembled boards found non-functioning during testing by customer; we are only responsible for assembly workmanship performed as per customer supplied data.
  • LIMITED LIABILITY-III: In no case shall our liability exceed the price charged to you for the job performed by us. We are not liable for any assemblies beyond 30 days after shipment.
  • NO OTHER WARRANTY: We give no other warranty; either expressed or implied, and we specifically disclaim all other warranties, including warranties for merchantability and fitness.
  • No change or addition to these terms above, or any additional or different terms on your purchase order, shall be binding on us unless executed in writing by one of our officers.


If you have asked for a consigned assembly (or partial turnkey) quote, then at the time of placing the order you will be sending us the components for assembly. Please note our requirements for kitting the components.

1. Each SMT component line item must be in a single continuous tape – a minimum of 6″ long cut tape / Reel / mini-reel. If not available on cut tape or reels, they must be on Trays. As a last resort they can be on Tubes

2. Each line Item must have extra quantity of components for ATTRITION during assembly process, as per the following guidelines

Discrete SMT passives:

  • 01005 size: 50% extra subject to a minimum of 100 pcs extra
    • Extra components Qty should be greater of 100 pcs or 50% of the required Quantity

e.g. for 01005 size components, If Required Qty = 70, 50% extra = 35, Min Qty = 100, So Total Qty Required = 70 + max (35, 100) = 70 + 100 = 170

  • 0201size: 50% extra subject to a minimum of 50 pcs extra
    • Extra components Qty should be greater of 50 pcs or 50% of the required Quantity

e.g. for 0201 size components, If Required Qty = 70, 50% extra = 35, Min Qty = 50, So Total Qty Required = 70 + max (35, 50) = 70 + 50 = 120

  • 0402 size: 25% extra subject to a minimum of 20 extra
    • Extra components Qty should be greater of 20 or 25% of the required Quantity
  • 0603 size: 15% extra subject to a minimum of 20 extra
    • Extra components Qty should be greater of 20 or 15% of the required Quantity
  • 0805 size: 10% extra subject to a minimum of 10 extra
    • Extra components Qty should be greater of 10 or 10% of the required Quantity
  • 1206 size or larger: 10% extra subject to a minimum of 5 extra
    • Extra components Qty should be greater of 5 or 10% of the required Quantity

Active Devices:

  • Component Width 0.6mm or smaller: 20% extra subject to a minimum of 20 extra
    • Extra components should be greater of 20 or 20% of the required Quantity
  • Component Width 0.6 – 1mm: 10% extra – subject to a minimum of 10 extra
    • Extra components should be greater of 10 or 10% of the required Quantity
  • Component Width 1 – 1.6mm: 10% extra subject to a minimum of 5 extra
    • Extra components should be greater of 5 or 10% of the required Quantity
  • Component Width 1.6 – 2mm: 5% extra subject to a minimum of 5 extra
    • Extra components should be greater of 5 or 5% of the required Quantity
  • Component Width Larger than 2mm: 5% extra subject to a minimum of 2 extra
    • Extra components should be greater of 2 or 5% of the required Quantity

3. All Thru-hole (DIP) ICs must be supplied in trays or tubes or continuous tapes

Thru-Hole devices:

  • Small Devices: 5% extra subject to a minimum of 2 extra
    • Extra components should be greater of 2 or 5% of the required Quantity
  • Other Devices: 2% extra subject to a minimum of 1 extra
    • Extra components should be greater of 1 or 2% of the required Quantity

Hardware (screws, nuts, washers, etc.):

  • Hardware costing less than $.50: 10% extra subject to a minimum of 5 extra
  • Hardware costing $.50 – $2.00: 5% extra subject to a minimum of 2 extra
  • Hardware costing more than $2.00: 2% extra subject to a minimum of 1 extra

4. Insufficient attrition will be construed as parts shortage.

5. All consigned parts must be shipped to us in a properly kitted form (each line item of BOM in a separate bag, properly marked for identifying the component unambiguously).

6. Kits for multiple jobs must be in separate bags identified by appropriate assembly order number.

7. All parts must be shipped to 306 Potrero Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Components must be received by 1:00 PM PST. Work will begin the following day for any board received after the cut-off time.

8. All shipments must include Order Number or Quote Number.

*All extra components subject to an additional minimum fee.