As a PCB manufacturer, we are uniquely qualified to work on your design.

• We have over 20 years of design experience.
• We have in-house design, manufacturing and assembly.
• One vendor saves you time and eases communication.
• We specialize in complex PCB design and manufacturing.
• Our service includes BOM support and component procurement.

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The PCB Design Flow

PCB Design Service Capabilities

We prioritize performance, manufacturability, cost, and design for test-ability.

Schematic Capture
We can create schematics from specifications, marked-up schematic sheets, or black diagrams and verbal discussions. We accept schematics in any format (PDF, sketch, etc.) and can convert that into preferred CAD format. As part of our process we validate the BOM.

Reverse Engineering
We can take an existing board from a bare board, an assembled board, existing design files and drawings. And we can create a new design with all supporting documentation.

Cost Optimization
We can review an existing product or design and propose methods for cost reduction. In many cases, layer reduction can be achieved by using smaller geometries for conductors and vias and the use of laser-drilled microvias.

PCB Stack-Up Design
Before we start the layout design, we will do an in-house stackup design so that all the design objectives are met. We will also suggest if HDI technology is required or could help in PCB optimization.

PCB Design Tools
We use the standard tools from Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Altium. We can accept a netlist or a partial / fully placed netlist. We can use our library of parts or customer libraries. We can provide
a 24/7 service and our design team can schedule video conferences to support you. We have access to off-shore resources that can work on your design while you sleep.

Signal Integrity Services
We can perform signal integrity services on any high-speed board designs that we make. We will take care of control impedance and crosstalk requirements; we will take care of PCB materials that are suitable to achieve a given set of signal integrity specifications.

Our areas of design expertise include:

• High-speed boards (HDMI, DDR)
• HDI (High-Density Interconnect)
• Design with fine pitch BGA
• Flex and rigid-flex
• Chip eval and chip characterization boards
• RF (customer to provide RF Specs)