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We design, manufacture and assemble your IPC Class 3A circuit boards in just 2 days for standard boards. Our PCB experts and engineers guide you from beginning to end while delivering all the traceability and tolerance documents you need.

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The documentation we provide:

  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Material Specifications
  • Reflow Profile Copy (included with First Article)
  • Photo Requirements
  • First Article Inspection Report
  •  IPC J-STD-001E
  •  Record of calibrated tools used during manufacturing
  •  AOI Report or Visual Inspection Report
  •  Flying Probe or In-Circuit Testing Report
  •  Ionic Cleanliness Test Report
  • Etc.


Product FeaturesRigidHDIRigid-Flex
Max Layer Count3024+\- 16
Min Board Thickness.01″.01″
Max Board Thickness.25″.25″
Min Core Thickness.002″.002″.001″
Min Dielectric Thickness.002″.002″.001″
Min Starting Copper Foil Thickness/Weight9 microns (0.25 oz)9 microns (0.25 oz)9 microns (0.25 oz)
Max Finished Copper Thickness/Weight (O/L)6 oz.2 oz.2 oz.
Max Finished Copper Thickness/Weight (I/L)6 oz.2 oz.2 oz.
Min Panel Size12″ x 18″12″ x 18″12″ x 18″
Max Panel Size21″ x 29″21″ x 29″12″ x 18″
Smallest Mech Drill Diameter.0059″.005″.0059″
Smallest Laser Drill Diameter.004″.004″.003″
Max Through-Hole Aspect Ratio10:110:110:1
Max Blind Via Aspect Ratio.75:1.75:1.75:1
Min Drill-to-Copper Clearance.006″.005″.008″
Min Trace and Space Width.003″.003 mils.0035″
Min Pad Size for Test.005″.004″.005″
Process Pad DiameterD + .012″ (1 mil annular ring)D + .010″ (1 mil annular ring)D + .014″ (1 mil annular ring)
Stacked ViasYesYesNo
Min Wire Bond Pad Size> .004″> .003″.005″
Controlled Impedance Tolerance10%10%10%
Solder Mask Registration.002″Within .001″Within .002″
Solder Mask Feature Tolerance.001″.001″.001″
Solder Mask Min Dam Size.004″.004″ (SMT) .0035″ (BGA).005″
Min Diameter Rout Cutter.024″.024″.024″
Mech Routed Part Size Tolerance+/- 5+/- 5+/- 5
Laser Hole Location Tolerance.001″.001″.001″
Laser Routed Part Size Tolerance – Can only be done with panels <.032″ thick.001″.001″.001″
Bow and Twist TolerancePer IPC Spec7%7% along rigid area
Thickness Tolerance10%10%10%
Sequential Laminations343
Conductive Filled ViasYesYesNo
Non-Conductive Filled ViasYesYesYes