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The High-Density Interconnect (HDI) market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% from 2018 to 2023.

  • Use blind vias, buried vias, or microvia techniques
  • Built-up laminations and high-signal performance considerations
  • Laser direct imaging
  • Fine lines and via-in-pad technology

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HDI PCB Capabilities (Advanced)

Advanced specs may require a custom order.

Via Capabilities

Product FeaturesCapabilities
Blind ViaMin Total Pad Size3 mils Over Drill Size
Min Drill Size4 mils
Machanically Drilled Annular Ring
Material Thickness1 – 2 mils
Capture Pad Size4 mils
Laser Aspect Ratio4 mils
Buried ViaMin Total Pad Size10 mils Over Drill Size
Min Drill Size6 mils
Machanically Drilled Annular Ring3 mils
Material Thickness
Capture Pad Size
Laser Aspect Ratio
Through HoleMin Total Pad Size10 mils Over Drill Size
Min Drill Size6 mils
Machanically Drilled Annular Ring3 mils
Material Thickness
Capture Pad Size
Laser Aspect Ratio
Max Layer Count26+
Min Finish Thickness60 mils
Min Trace Width (I/L)3 mils
Min Trace Width (O/L)3 mils
Min Space Width (I/L)2.9 mils
Min Space Width (O/L)3 mils
Max Lamination Cycles4
Min Hole Size6 mils
Min Pitch.4 mm
Stacked ViasYes
Conductive Filled ViasYes
Non-Conductive Filled ViasYes
Copper Plate Shut MicroviasYes
Heat SinksYes
UL 94V-0 (On Select Materials)Yes

Quality Reports

Product FeaturesCapabilities
SpecificationsIPC-6012, Class 1, 2, 3, & 3AYes
IPC-6013, Class 1, 2 & 3Yes
MIL-PRF-55110 (On Selected Materials)Yes
Reports / CertificatesMicro SectionYes
X-Ray FluorescenceYes
Ionic ContaminationYes
Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)Yes
First Article Inspection (FAI)Yes
Certificate of Compliance (C of C)Yes
Electrical TestYes


Product FeaturesCapabilities
Panel Sizes14″ x 26″, 21 x 25″, 21″ x 29″
Min Board Thickness.004″
Max Board Thickness.200” +
Thickness Tolerance< 10%
Bow & Twist Tolerance< 7%
Min Core Thickness.002”
Min Dielectric.001”
Min Starting Copper Foil Weight1 micron

Preferred Materials

Product FeaturesCapabilities
FR-4 Lead FreeIsola 370 HRYes
Nan Ya NP-175FYes
Nan Ya UV BLOCK FR-4-86Yes
Nan Ya NPG-170Yes
Nelco N4000-13SIYes
PolyimideIsola P95Yes
Nelco N7000-2 VOYes
TeflonNelco N9000-13 RFYes
Rogers RO3000 SeriesYes
Rogers RT/DUROID SeriesYes
Rogers ULTRALAM 2000Yes
CeramicRogers RO4003Yes
Rogers RO4230Yes
Rogers RO4350 FYes
Rogers RO4350Yes
Rogers TTM 3, 4, 6, 10, 10iYes
Taconics CER-10Yes
Taconics RF-35A2Yes
Taconics RF-60Yes
Cyanate EsterNelco N8000Yes
Bond SheetHitachi 671NYes
Rogers RO4450B, RO4450FYes
FlexDuPont Pyralux APYes
DuPont Pyralux LFYes
DuPont Pyralux FRYes
ResistorRogers RO4003 / 4350 TICER TCRYes
ThermalThermagon 88Yes
Laird IMPCBYes


Product FeaturesCapabilities
Smallest Laser Drill Diameter.003”
Largest Laser Drill Diameter.010”
Max Laser Aspect Ratio>.75:1
Min Mechanical Diameter.004″
Max Mechanical Aspect Ratio> 10:1
Min Mechanical Drill to Copper.005”
Min Plated Through Hole Toleranceplus/minus .002”
Min Non Plated Through Hole Toleranceplus/minus .001”

Pad Diameter

Product FeaturesCapabilities
RigidInner LayerDrill + .008″ + (AR * 2)
Outer LayerDrill + .006″ + (AR * 2)
FlexInner LayerDrill + .010″ + (AR * 2)
Outer LayerDrill + .008″ + (AR * 2)


Product FeaturesCapabilities
Pad SizeMin Pad Size For Electrical Test.003”
Min Wire Bond Pad Size.004”
Min Trace Vs Copper Thickness
Note: Thickness includes starting foil plus panel plates (for wrap if any) to beetched.
5 microns.002”
9 microns.0025”
3/8 oz.003”
1/2 oz.0035”
1 oz.0045”
2 oz.0060”
3 oz.0065”
> 3 ozContact Us
Min Space Vs Copper Thickness
Note: Thickness includes starting foil plus panel plates (for wrap if any) to beetched.
5 microns.0025”
9 microns.0030”
3/8 oz.0035”
1/2 oz.0040”
1 oz.0050”
2 oz.0065”
3 oz.0070”
> 3 ozContact Us

Permanent Solder Mask

Product FeaturesCapabilities
Liquid Photoimageable (LPI)ColorsGreen, Red, Blue, Yellow
GlossSemi-Gloss, Matte (Only In Green)
Min Dam/Web Size SMT.004”
Min Dam/Web Size BGA.0035”
Clearance>/= .0015”
Mask-Defined SMT Or BGA (Not Ground Plane)No
Mask-Defined Features On Ground PlaneYes
Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)ColorsGreen
Min Web for SMT.0035”
Min Web for BGA.0030”
Clearance0 – 0.0014”
Mask-Defined SMT Or BGA (Not Ground Plane)Yes


Product FeaturesCapabilities
Min Line.050”
Min Heigth.025”
Screen PrintableColorsWhite, Yellow, Black, Red
Min Line.007”
Min Heigth.030”

Surface Finishes

Product FeaturesCapabilities
HASL (Vertical & Horizontal)Yes
Lead Free HASLYes
OSP (Shikoku F2 & Entek)Yes
ENIG (Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold)Yes
ENEPIG (Electroless Nickel-Electroless Paladium-Immersion Gold)Yes
Immersion SilverYes
Tin NickelYes
Electrolytic Soft GoldYes
Electrolytic Hard GoldYes


Product FeaturesCapabilities
MechanicalMin Route Cutter Available.021”
Routed Part Size Tolerance<.010″
Counter SinkYes
Counter BoreYes
Bevel Angles20, 30, 45
LaserMilling, Depth Toleranceplus/minus .003”
Laser Routed Thickness<.032″ Thick
Routed ArrayYes
V ScoreAngles30, 45, 60
Edge to Copper.007”
DicingEdge to Copper.005”
Edge / CastellationMin Drill Via.020”
Edge PlatingYes

Other Screenable Materials

Product FeaturesCapabilities
Carbon InkYes
Peelable Solder MaskYes

Electrical Test

Product FeaturesCapabilities
Controlled Impedance5%
Hi PotYes
Test Voltage40, 250, 500
Isolation Resistance (Mohms)>100
Continuity Resistance (Ohms)<.010
Min Pad Size.003”