Sierra Circuits: Micro-Electronics PCB Division

In 2005 Sierra opened a new Microelectronics Division to serve the fast growing need for really small, complex PCBs for the Microelectronics market. This division provides PCBs with less than 2 Mil (0.002") lines and spaces.
To get a quote on your microelectronics design, please upload your design files at
Please do mention the word "MICROELECTRONICS" in special notes, when asking for a quote.


Download brochure
Actual PCB (under microscope) showing sub-2 Mils (0.002") traces and spaces
30 Micron Lines/Spaces (1.25 mils) (0.00125")
Very Thin Film Build-Ups down to 1 mil thick
Low CTE Metal Cores Coplanar Surfaces
Blind/ Buried Vias
Multilayer Sequential Buildup
Laser-drilled holes as small as 2 mils
Fast Delivery (< 4 Weeks available)
Can engage in R&D projects

Microelectronics Features and Applications

200 micron core via pitch
50 micron laser drilled vias
25 micron traces and spaces
Semiconductor Packaging Substrates
Wire bond and flip chip
Chip Scale Packages (CSP)

Download one page flier showing actual 1 mil lines (0.001")
Read a PCB007 article by Ken Bahl (President of Sierra Proto Express)

The Bleeding Edge: Designing Microelectronic Printed Circuits

"...the world of electronics is about to explode or, should I say "implode," the definition of which is "to collapse inward, violently." This implosion will be driven by a serious size reduction or, huge improvements in the functionality of electronic products, resulting in the miniaturization of the printed circuit board..." (more)

For all your microelectronics inquiries, please contact Amit Bahl at
   Phone: (408)891-7872