We produce PCBs using state-of-the-art machines for processes such as Direct Imaging, Laser Drilling, Reverse Pulse Plating and Flying-Probe net-list testing. Other examples of machines are: Camtek/Pentax Laser Direct Imaging (LDI), Printar automated screen legend, ESI laser drills. Our premier plant is the high technology, 46,000 sq. ft., ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and Milspec MIL-PRF-31032 certified facility in Sunnyvale, California.

Since 1986, we have continuously re-invested in our capabilities and training to manufacture the best PCB's possible. So whether it is etching, drilling, engineers or technical advisors, our technology and our people are state of the art. And that's why customers have rated our manufacturing process as one of the best in the PCB industry for over thirty years. Browse our Capabilities online, download our brochure, or give us a call to find out what really makes us cutting-edge.

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Product Features Standard Advanced Micro Electronics

PC Board Attributes

Min Layer count111
Max Layer Count30 30 30
Min Board Thickness.010".004".004"
Max Board Thickness0.250"0.250"0.250"
Min Core Thickness.002".002".002"
Min Dielectric.002".002".002"
Min. Starting Copper Foil Weight9 micron3 micron3 micron
Max. Finished Copper Thickness (O/L)6 oz> 6 oz.0015"
Max. Finished Copper Thickness (I/L)4 oz> 4 oz.001"
Maximum Panel Size21" x 29"21" x 29"12" x 18"
Minimum Panel Size12" x 18"12" x 18"8" x 8"
Smallest Mech Drill Diameter.0059".004".004"
Smallest Laser Drill Diameter.0040" / .0080".0025" / .0100".0025" / .0100"
Min Finished Hole Size.004".002"Plated shut
Max Thru Hole Aspect Ratio10:116:116:1
Max Blind Via Aspect Ratio.75:11.2:1.8:1
Blind Via Finished Hole Size.004"Plated shutPlated shut
Buried Via Finished Hole Size.004".002".002"
Minimum Line Width (trace) and Spacing.003".002".00125"
Min Pad Size for test.005".003".003"
Process Pad DiameterD + .012" (1 mil annular ring)D + .010" (Tangency)D + .006"
Stacked viasYesYesYes
Minimum Wire Bond Pad size> .006".004"0.0025"
Controlled Impedance Tolerance10%5%5%
Solder Mask Registration.002"<.002".002"
Solder Mask Feature Tolerance.001".001".001"
Solder Mask Min Dam Size.004".004".004"
Min. Diameter Rout Cutter Available.024".021".021"
Routed Part Size Tolerance.010"<.010"<.010"
Laser hole location Tolerance.0005".0005".0005"
Laser Routed Part Size Tolerance -
can only be done with panels <.032" thick
Bow & Twist TolerancePer IPC SpecPer IPC SpecPer IPC Spec
Thickness Tolerance10%< 10%< 10%
Sequential Lam3 or less lam cycles> 3 lam cycles> 3 lam cycles
Buried Vias2 or less> 3> 3
Blind ViasYesYesYes
Conductive Filled ViasYesYesYes - Cu plate shut
Non Conductive Filled ViasYesYesYes

Surface Finishes

HASL (Vertical or Horizontal)YesYesNo
OSP (Shikoku F2)YesYesYes
OSP (Entek)YesYesYes
ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold)YesYesYes
ENEPIG (Electroless Nickel-Electroless Paladium-Immersion Gold) Yes Yes Yes
Immersion SilverYesYesYes
Tin NickelYesYesNo
Electrolytic Soft GoldYesYesYes
Electrolytic Hard GoldYesYesYes
Selective GoldYesYesYes

Solder Masks Finish

Semi - GlossyYesYesYes

Solder Mask Colors

Bright WhiteYesYesYes


All colorsYesYesYes


Routed ArrayYesYesYes
V Score, Edge to Copper0.01"0.007"0.007"
V Score Angles35°,45°,60°35°,45°,60°35°,45°,60°
Milling+/- .003"+/- .003"+/- .001"
Edge CastellationYesYesYes
Edge PlatingYesYesYes

Electrical Test

10 VoltYesYesYes
40 Volt (Burn in bds)YesYesYes
250 VoltNoYesYes
500 VoltNoYesYes
Hi PotNoYesNo

Laminate Materials

Very Thin FilmNoYesYes
Arlon 85NTYesYesNo
Hybrid ConstructionsYesYesYes
Isola FR406YesYesYes
Isola FR408YesYesYes
Isola IS410YesYesYes
Isola IS620NoYesNo
Isola P95YesYesYes
Isola P96YesYesYes
Iteq IT180YesYesYes
Panasonic R1766YesYesYes
Panasonic R1755YesYesNo
Panasonic MegtronYesYesNo
Nelco N4000-13YesYesYes
Nelco N4000-29YesYesNo
Nelco BT N5000YesYesYes
Nelco N7000-2YesYesYes
No Flow Pre PregYesYesYes
Isola 370HRYesYesYes
Polyclad GetekYesYesYes
PSA Bond FilmNoYesYes
Rogers 3000 SeriesYesYesNo
Rogers R4000 SeriesYesYesNo
Rogers 5000 SeriesYesYesNo
Rogers 6000 SeriesYesYesNo
Rogers TMMYesYesNo

Available Reports

X-ray FluorescenceYesYesYes
Ionic ContaminationYesYesYes
Time Domain Reflectometry test (TDR)YesYesYes
Certificate of Compliance (C of C)YesYesYes



PCB Classifications


IPC 6012, Class 1, 2 & 3YesYesYes
ISO 9001:2015YesYesYes
ISO 13485:2016YesYesYes
Quoting/OrderingMost standard technology PCBs can be quoted and ordered instantly. Some restrictions may apply in our online offerings. Read the specific product specs for details.For complex PCBs, please Request a Custom QuoteFor complex PCBs, please Request a Custom Quote

PCB Capabilities By Market:

High Reliability PC Boards

  • Up to 2000 Thermal cycles
  • For PC Boards that must not fail

Burn-in Boards

  • .5 mm pitch
  • Step-down connectors
  • Special materials
  • High Reliability

High Technology Boards

  • Microelectronics (Line and Space down to .00125"/.00125")
    (learn more)
  • Differential Impedance
  • Up to 30 Layers
  • Lead Free process
  • Special materials
  • Sequential lamination
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Laser Drill
  • Filled vias
  • Via in pads
  • Milspec
  • Metal core
  • Carbon paste
  • Plated edges
  • Plated edge holes
  • Milling
  • Heavy Copper
  • Selective Finishes

Standard Technology Boards

  • 1 to 10 Layers
  • Trace/Space 5/5
  • Same day for 2 Layers
  • 24 hours to 10 Days for multilayers
  • Lead Free process
  • All standard materials

PCB Capabilities By Process:

Front-end CAM

  • Fully automated Tooling System

Imaging-Laser Direct Imaging

  • Trace/Space 2/2

Multilayer Lamination

  • Up to 30 Layers
  • Sequential lamination
  • Automated registration


  • .006" Mechanical Drill
  • Laser Drill down to 2 mils (.002")


  • Trace/Space 2/2 mils


  • Aspect ratio 10+


  • LPI, Dry Film
  • LDI under solder mask


  • Automated
  • 5 mil lines
  • LPI & Hand silkscreen


  • Route and retain
  • Scoring

Electrical Test

  • .5mm pitch, Flying probe and High Density grid


  • Lead Free FR-4
  • Polyimides
  • Rogers 4003 & 4350
  • Teflons
  • Ceramics
  • Most other materials

See our Equipment List here.
See some pictures from our Sunnyvale facility here.

To find out more about our capabilities, call 800-763-7503 ext. 500 and ask for Amit.