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No touch PCB, quickturn proto pcb, prototype fabrication, 2 - 6 layers
No Touch PCBs Ordering
Our No Touch self-service ordering system enables you to specify two-layer, four-layer, and six-layer prototype PCBs entirely online for quickturn delivery at the minimum cost. Using No Touch, you can automatically verify your design, get a quote, and submit your order in one smooth transaction.
icon  2, 4, 6 layer low-cost, quickturn prototype PCB fabrication
icon  Pre-defined specifications
icon  Automatic file verification
icon  No holds processing
icon  Instant online quoting, ordering and tracking
Why You Should Choose No Touch Ordering
icon  No delays:
You can check your design before you order, to avoid holds for design clarification.
icon  Economy:
You get an unlimited selection of drill sizes, plated and non-plated holes, soldermask, and silkscreen included in the low price.
icon  Speed:
Our automated file verification system checks your design immediately after you submit it and responds within minutes.
icon  Personal Assistance:
No Touch specialists are ready to help you during regular business hours. Simply e-mail and you’ll have a prompt answer.
icon   No Minimum Quantity:
Order just what you need—even one prototype PCB is fine.
icon   Quality:
Sierra Circuits guarantees your boards will be fabricated exactly as you order.

  When you should choose No Touch ordering
Choose No Touch ordering when your prototype PCB design:

icon  Employs standard fabrication technology with 5 mils (0.005 inches) or greater trace and space width
icon  Has two, four, or six layers
icon  Uses FR-4 laminate
icon  Calls for standard copper weights
icon  is no larger than 100 square inches and no thicker than 0.062 inches