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Using HDI to Improve Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Performance

Headshot of Happy Holden

Happy Holden

PCB Technologist and Technical Editor
Iconnect 007

HDI for signal integrity and power integrity

HDI design and fabrication can have many challenges, but improving signal integrity and power integrity is one of its advantages. This webinar will disclose some of the many benefits that HDI has in improving SI/PI performance.


What you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to the challenges: Growing use of chiplets and heterogeneous integration for complex advanced packaging modules as components
  • From Dr. Eric Bogatin: Sources of noise in circuit design
  • Through-hole technology signal integrity problems
  • PDN design for high frequency
  • PDN PWR/GND distributed capacitance
  • Example: 16-layer through-hole board redesigned to 12-layer HDI board

Reference and reading: The HDI Handbook Chapter 4 written by Dr. Eric Bogatin (free download on I-connect007)

Tool: PDN Analyzer


Who should watch this webinar:

PCB designers, purchasing, hardware engineers and project/program managers


About Happy Holden

Happy Holden has spent over 50 years in printed circuit engineering, customer support and product development, with eight of those years in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China He was the CTO of the worlds largest PCB fabricator-Hon Hai Precision Industries-also known as FOXCONN. Prior, he was Senior PCB Technologist for Mentor Graphics’ System Design Division and Development Mgr. for Merix. Before retiring from Hewlett-Packard after 28 years, Holden was responsible for the creation and startup of the NanYa PCB facility in 1984, now the world’s largest organic FC IC substrate fabricator. Holden has a B.S. in chemical engineering from Oregon State University and an M.S. in EE/control theory.

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