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Unlock Your Signal Integrity Analysis Potential

Headshot of Tim Wang Lee, PhD

Tim Wang Lee, PhD

SI Application Scientist
Keysight Technologies

In this webinar

With the push for higher data rate and the demand for lower power consumption, robust analysis techniques are critical to ensure your design has pristine signal integrity (SI). This webinar uses practical case studies to demonstrate ways you can unlock your SI analysis potential. A comprehensive walk-through from design to fabrication includes the use of:

  • Simple rule-of-thumb estimations
  • 2D cross-section transmission line solver
  • Excellent refresher on the fundamental SI analyses and concepts
  • 3D EM extraction tool

The example board design will be analyzed with:

  • Mixed-mode S-parameters
  • Eye diagram metrics
  • Time domain reflectometry (TDR)
  • Single pulse response (SPR)

You will learn the mechanisms affecting Signal Integrity to give you practical tips for evaluating link designs and troubleshooting issues.

If you are new to signal integrity, this webinar will give you a head start on your signal integrity journey, giving you a new perspective on a robust design workflow that integrates troubleshooting in the design. For experienced SI engineers, the talk is an excellent refresher on the fundamental SI analyses and concepts.

What you will learn:

New signal integrity engineers will learn the basic SI concepts and SI analyses and experienced SI engineers will have a good refresher on their SI basics.


About Tim Wang Lee, PhD

Chun-ting “Tim” Wang Lee, PhD is a Signal Integrity Application Scientist in the PathWave Software and Solutions group of Keysight Technologies. Tim received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His work focuses on understanding the printed circuit board fabrication process and how it impacts the on-board Signal Integrity. Lately, he has been presenting ways to improve simulation and measurement correlation. Tim has garnered much acclaim for his well-crafted presentations and memorable delivery style.

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