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High-Speed Digital Design to Optimize Signal Integrity on PCBAs

Headshot of Mike Resso

Mike Resso

Signal Integrity Applications Engineer
Keysight Technologies

Understanding high-speed digital design for better signal integrity on PCBAs

How Keysight helps you for optimized signal integrity on PCBAs: The power of today’s signal integrity test and measurement tools is in the completeness and accuracy of the data. Both time and frequency domain information allows unique insight into printed circuit board performance. With just one measurement, the design engineer can view any combination of single-ended, differential, Time Domain Reflection (TDR), Time Domain Transmission (TDT), return loss, eye diagram and insertion loss data in a variety of graphical formats. Perhaps the most ground breaking capability is mixed mode analysis where mode conversion can highlight hardware that is susceptible to EMI or radiating radio frequency.

This webinar will explore some of the common signal integrity problems and offer solutions with proper test and measurement tools.


About Mike Resso

Mike Resso is the Signal Integrity Application Scientist in the Internet Infrastructure Solution Group of Keysight Technologies and has over thirty years of experience in the test and measurement industry. His background includes the design and development of electro-optic test instrumentation for aerospace and commercial applications.  His most recent activity has focused on the complete multiport characterization of high-speed digital interconnects using Time Domain Reflectometry and Vector Network Analysis.  He has authored over 30 professional publications including two books on signal integrity. Mike has been awarded one US patent and has twice received the Agilent “Spark of Insight” Award for his contribution to the company. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California.

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