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Flex PCB Design for Manufacturing and Signal Integrity

Headshot of Steve Watt

Steve Watt

Engineering Manager
Zuken USA

Headshot of Amit Bahl

Amit Bahl

Sierra Circuits

In this webinar

Designing flex and rigid-flex circuit boards calls for an advanced methodology compared to standard rigid boards. This means following certain flex PCB design for manufacturing. From material selection to calculation of bend radius, and controlled impedance to EMI shielding, all require a unique design approach to align with the fabrication and assembly processes. Knowing these design considerations is important to reduce the turn time and improve reliability.

In this webinar, our PCB design and manufacturing experts will take you through various parameters that can improve the manufacturability and overall performance of your flex and rigid-flex designs.

Sierra Circuits and Zuken joined forces for the very first time to go over the best practices for flex PCB design for manufacturing. Amit Bahl and Steve Watt discuss the below points to help you with your design and fabrication.


What you will learn:


  1. Material selection for flex boards
  2. Types of flex materials
  3. Calculating bend radius
  4. Electrical factors that influence bend capabilities
  5. Controlled impedance in flex boards
  6. How to maintain signal integrity of your flex designs
  7. Cross-hatch modifications to reduce signal reflections
  8. EMI shielding
  9. Improve flexible printed circuits manufacturing productivity with Better DFM checks
  10. Challenges in flex PCB verification and NPI
  11. Introduction to ADM


Level: Intermediate


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About Amit Bahl

Amit has been in the PCB industry for 20 years. He is the Chief Revenue Officer at Sierra Circuits. His passion is to empower tech companies to achieve their visions and change the world. Rockets going into space, self-driving cars taking up the streets, cancer-fighting medical devices, protecting the country, he’s ready to build any circuit board!


About Steve Watt

Steve Watt is a PCB Engineering Manager for Zuken USA, Inc. He has more than 35 years of experience in the printed circuit board design industry with an emphasis on IC packaging. Steve has a diverse work background including several EDA companies as well as industry leaders such as Boeing, Motorola, and McDonnell Douglas. In his spare time, you can find him skiing, hiking or sailing.

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