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About Us

Innovation is the true spirit of Sierra Circuits.

And the ever-changing demands of the PCB industry continue to fuel this spirit today.

Back in the mid 1980’s, while other manufacturers were simply fabricating circuit boards, Sierra Circuits was constantly reinventing itself while pushing the envelope to help revolutionize the PCB industry. As a family-run business, the idea of establishing quicker cycle times was born out of the existing industry inefficiencies.

Specializing in quick turn PCBs and medium production runs, Sierra’s primary focus is delivering the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time. What makes this possible is that Sierra is the actual manufacturer and assembler of PCBs. By owning our manufacturing and assembly facilities, we control every aspect of the production schedule.

Above all, Sierra Circuits’ creed is to provide customers with resources, knowledge and the highest quality circuit boards the industry has to offer.

Partner with your vendor early and get a tour!

We love visitors. Come take a personal tour of our facilities and have all your manufacturing and design questions answered by one of our PCB experts.

Request a tour online or call us at (408) 735-7137.

Silicon Valley Campus (HQ)

We build circuit boards here in Silicon Valley!
We have 70,000 Sq. Ft. of PCB manufacturing & assembly in the heart of Silicon Valley.
We also have offices in Goa and Bangalore, India.

The People Who Built Sierra Circuits

The Dreamer

Ken Bahl


Ken is the consummate optimist with a passion for solution-driven technology and impeccable standards. His love for family and strong company culture is reflected in the integrity of his product.

The Rock

Bala Bahl

Co-founder/Vice President

Bala is the backbone of Sierra Circuits. Her unrelenting determination to get things done makes her a perfect counterbalance to her husband’s visionary ideals.

The PCB Guy

Amit Bahl

Director of Sales & Marketing

Amit is the go-to-for-all-things-PCB. While his breadth of exposure in the industry is vast, his willingness to share ideas is unparalleled.

The Muscle

Nilesh Parate

General Manager

Nilesh is in charge of product strategy and operations for rapid PCB manufacturing & assembly service sold through online channels.

The Maestro

Imtiaz Sheikh

Assembly Plant Manager

Imtiaz orchestrates the assembly facility with the efficiency and precision of a Juki pick and place machine,  helping to deliver boards on schedule with great satisfaction and zero defects.

The Asset

Steve Arobio

VP of Manufacturing Operations

Steve’s knowledge and experience keeps our customers way out in front of the others in their industry.

Chairman of the Boards

Atar Mittal

General Manager of Design and Assembly

Atar’s experience, discipline and problem solving skills help lead the charge of our design and assembly team, assuring our customers a hassle-free experience.

The Hero

Peter Nyame

HR Director

Peter puts the HR in hero. His interpersonal skills and jovial disposition are an invitation to both internal and external inquiries. 


Sierra Circuits, Inc. (dba Sierra Proto Express) has been a premier manufacturer of prototype PCBs since 1986. We believe that repeat business from our customers best illustrates our high standards and commitment to excellence. That is the metric we are most proud of and what we measure ourselves by.

Of course, we also have stellar industry certifications, some of which are shown below:

Download all certifications

Fun Facts

Sky’s the Limit

One of our boards is on display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

Built Sierra Tough

One of our cubesat boards not only survived a rocket explosion, but was the only thing that was left undamaged.

Humble Beginnings

Sierra Circuits loves and encourages growth within the family. In fact, our very own director of sales and marketing used to sweep the floor in the drilling facility.

The PCB Pup

The unofficial mascot of Sierra Circuits is none other than Jaeger, a handsome terrier mix that is as steadfast and loyal as the company he represents!