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PCB Schematic Design

We can create your PCB schematic design from specifications, marked-up schematic sheets, or black diagrams and verbal discussions. We accept schematics in any format (PDF, sketch, etc.) and can convert that into preferred CAD format. As part of our process we validate the BOM.

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  • Functionality analysis
  • Component selection
  • Symbol generation
  • Schematic net connection
  • Netlist validation
  • BOM generation
  • Component availability analysis
  • Power consumption analysis

The schematic services include converting a product concept to a schematic or converting a schematic in a PDF format to a schematic in a PCB design tool, such Allegro or Altium Designer.


During this analysis, the various functional parts of the circuit are identified and the performance requirements noted. For example, if an audio codec is required, we identify the channels, interface to the controller I2C/SPI/QSPI, voltage levels and current consumption, availability of drivers and documentation for programming to name a few functional requirements. Similarly for the power supply sections, different voltages required on the board and their currents are identified as well as the method of programming the device.

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If the component symbols are not available in the tool library, we generate them from the details in the datasheet. We add the symbol parameters such as value, package, footprint, DNI or not, and manufacturing part number (MPN).

An important part of the symbol generation is quality checks where our team ensures that the symbols match the component datasheet.


A common problem we see is customers assuming that their nets are connected but due to slight differences in the naming convention, some nets are often left unconnected. A netlist check helps identify such issues. Our design engineers check that your netlist matches the diagram.


The current taken by every component is noted and summed up to get the total current taken by the design. This helps us compare the total consumption of the board with the requirements of the design, especially when deciding on battery capacity, the total consumption of the circuit needs to be known.

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  • Our design team performs quality checks at every stage with a thorough netlist check and a BOM validation.
  • Since we offer PCB assembly, BOM validation is an in-house service which connects you to different component vendors seamlessly.
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