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PCB Layout Design

Our PCB layout design services include stack-up design, constraint setting, component placement, routing and Gerber generation handled by a team with 20 years of experience. We specialize in DDR, fine pitch BGA, component placement optimization, constraint settings and much more.

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  • Stack-up design
  • Constraint setting
  • Component placement
  • Routing
  • Gerber generation


We handle DDR routing designs on a regular basis. DDR routing requires understanding:

  • Length matching concepts
  • Controlled impedance
  • Propagation delays
  • Address/control signal channel grouping

To ensure length matching of signals in the same group, we route them on the same layer.

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Our design engineers optimize the placement of your components by analyzing the signal flow. We start by locking connectors and other important components as well as identifying CPUs, communication chips WIFI, Bluetooth ethernet, and sensor chips. We then place decoupling capacitors, clock crystals, and series resistors close to the main components.

Component placement optimization reduces the trace lengths and the number of vias, thus the overall cost of the board.




  • Modern layouts, like high-speed and HDI designs, are very complex and need multiple years of experience. We have listed a few above and there are many more PCB layout design parameters which require high-level skills.
  • With design, manufacturing and assembly under one roof, we eliminate miscommunication between different vendors therefore making you save time on your prototype.
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PCB Manufacturing& Assembly Processes

Knowing how your boards are manufactured and assembled will help you design boards that are cost-effective and technically robust.

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