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PCB Design for Signal Integrity

We can perform signal integrity services on any high-speed board designs that we make. We will take care of controlled impedance and crosstalk requirements; we will take care of PCB materials that are suitable to achieve a given set of signal integrity specifications.

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  • Controlled impedance
  • Crosstalk
  • Via stubs
  • Ground bounce
  • Signal attenuation


Not only are our design engineers experts in PCB routing methods and component placing that achieve our customers’ desired impedances but they can also deliver -/+ 10% tolerance, and in special cases -/+ 5%. Below are a few reasons why you should trust Sierra with even your most ambitious specifications:

  • We create a stack-up in accordance with our fab processes to guarantee zero failures.
  • We know how to route single-ended and differential pair traces to meet the targeted impedance.
  • We achieve propagation delay by designing precise length matching during the design phase.
  • We optimize the placement of components, vias, and coupling capacitors to ensure controlled impedance through assembly.

Every board undergoes an impedance coupon test during the manufacturing process to ensure that we are meeting your requirements.

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The part of a via that is not used for signal transmission is called a via stub. It acts as a resonant circuit with a specific resonant frequency at which it stores maximum energy. If the signal has a significant component at or near that frequency, that component will be heavily attenuated due to the energy demands of the via stub at its resonant frequency. To avoid the effects of via stubs on signal attenuation and data transfer rates, our electrical engineers calculate the maximum allowable via stub length where if ‘fmax’ is the maximum frequency component of a signal that needs to be faithfully transmitted, then the resonant frequency of the via stub should exceed ‘fmax’ by a good enough margin (usually 40%).

Pull-up or pull-down resistors on high-speed signals are common sources of stubs, which can create reflections that negatively affect signal integrity. If such resistors are required, we route the signals as a daisy chain.

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Conducting line resistances and dielectric material dissipation factors impact signals as they travel over traces. Our designers control these losses in high-frequency designs where components endure greater attenuation. If not properly handled, signal attenuation may lead to a diminution in signal bandwidth, causing distortion by the increase in signal rise time that is likely to generate errors in data detection.

Selecting the right low-loss and high-speed material is essential to help with signal attenuation, as well as minimizing signal losses via control over the trace geometries.

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  • Sierra Circuits is an expert in building high-frequency PCBs with signal integrity. Impedance control, crosstalk, via stubs, ground bounce, material selection… No one knows better than us how to manage the parameters that will impact the functionality of your circuit right from the design phase.
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