HDI PCB Market for Semiconductors

Located in Silicon Valley, Sierra Circuits offers complete services to the local Semiconductor Industry giants, such as Marvell, Maxim and National Semiconductor. From PCB schematic to circuit board design, PCB fabrication and PCB assembly, we provide expertise, technology and excellent customer service. Services include turnkey PCB prototypes for evaluation boards and demo boards. Our high-end technology includes microelectronics and fine-line printed circuit build-up substrates used in flip chip or wire bond applications. Our latest technology includes PCB substrate with .25 mm pitch, achieved using build-up technology.

Our Capabilities include BT material from Mitsubishi and Panasonic, buried resistive and capacitive materials from Tycer and Ohmega, and non-glass reinforced materials. These materials are used in build-up, sequential lamination technology with fine lines down to 1.25 mils trace and space and solder mask defined pads.

LAYERS: 8 layers
TRACE/SPACE: Outer: Trace: 5mils Space: 3.53mils
Inner: Trace: 3mils Space: 3.56mils
SURFACE FINISH: Immersion Gold
PITCH: 0.4 mm
HDI stackup planning tool helps in creating a robust PCB design with great manufacturability and operational characteristics HDI PCB cross-sectional geometries explain the details of the dielectric PCB substrates, traces and reference planes within a PCB stack-up.

Customer Testimonial

  • SiemensPlease convey to all the Sierra Circuits team our thanks for a job well done. We received the boards as promised and they are now in use in our production test areas.

    Earl B.
    Project Administrator,
    Siemens Medical Solutions

  • Apple, Inc.Sierra Circuits has been consistent with great level of service, product quality, timely delivery of PCBs, and timely responses to all questions.

    Jose C.
    Engineer, Apple, Inc.
    Cupertino, CA

  • Battelle Science & Technology InternationalJust got the boards in my office. They look great! To you and your team a hearty thank you!

    Ryan S.
    Electronics Group,
    Battelle Science & Technology International

  • PerkinElmerI have found Sierra Circuits to be EXTREMELY supportive in resolving any issues in our PCB/Assembly. I feel they have consistently met me more than half way, which makes my job easier.

    Paul M
    Miamisburg, OH

  • Telegent SystemsThank you very much for the great job with my previous order! Everything was built right on time and quality was good!

    Michael K.
    Principal Engineer
    Telegent Systems, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

  • NXP Semiconductors (formerly, Phillips Electronics)Thanks for all of your help. You have great engineers. They were on phone with me constantly until I fixed all design/manufacturability issues. I really do appreciate the service.

    Zubin L.
    NXP Semiconductors (formerly, Phillips Electronics)
    San Jose, CA

  • LexmarkThanks for the great work on the boards! Your company is at the top of my list for future work.

    Matt L.

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