International Traffic in Arms Regulations Registered

Sierra Circuits knows how to handle your ITAR PCB needs. We have been ITAR Registered since 2007. View our ITAR Registration Letter.


US-based manufacturers who do not do international business still face unexpected compliance risks. This includes having foreign nationals as employees who may have unrestricted access to technologically-sensitive projects. Many suppliers only have offshore manufacturing sources which manufacture PCBs for domestic distribution in the United States. These companies do not meet ITAR requirements.

However, Sierra Circuits is 100% ITAR compliant. We meet all ITAR requirements, and all our fabrication and assembly is done in our Sunnyvale, California facility.

View all of our certifications on our Certifications page.

Order your ITAR boards online

-For simple, standard technology PCBs that are ITAR you can always quote and order online

-For complex boards that are ITAR, please ask for a Custom Quote