Eric Bogatin: “The crosstalk problems can limit what PAM-4 can do”

During DesignCon 2018, Sierra interviewed the Signal Integrity Evangelist Eric Bogatin. We could not resist to ask him about his first DesignCon. “You know, I looked back at all the DesignCons that I’ve been to, and I think it was in 1992, he said. It was back in the old days when it was the HP High-Speed Digital Symposium, so it’s been a long time.” Listen to this PCB expert’s thoughts on technology, crosstalk, PAM-4, educating the new class of PCB designers, and the signal integrity market.

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How to Analyze a PCB Transmission Line?

After establishing what a PCB transmission line is and talking about signal speed and propagation delay, last week, we discussed the critical length, the controlled impedance, and the rise/fall time of a PCB transmission line. Today, we are going to explain how to analyze a PCB transmission line using quantities, such as voltages and currents, and line parameters, such as resistance, inductance, capacitance, and conductance.

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