With over $10 Million in new equipment purchases in just the last 2 years, Sierra Proto Express is among a few US-based prototype shops that is actively planning for the future.
Furthermore (not shown here), we have created a new Microelectronics PCB facility that can produce PCBs with 0.00125" trace and space.
Here are pictures of just a few of the standard equipment in our facility.

Automatic Optical Inspection

We have both reflective & Fluorescence systems - 100%
Inner layer and outer layer is scanned.

Drilling Department

High-speed HITACHI modular drill systems allows to drill high technology designs with great flexibility.

Dry Film Department

HAKUTO 720 I cuts sheet laminators
IR sensors for optimized process controls.


Micro section Lab with MIL SPEC & Class 3 certified reports capability.

Automatic absorption unit for chemical analysis.

Plasma Process

Plasma system for MIL SPEC & CLASS 3 etchback + exotic material processing.

Testing Department

ATG 16 head flying probe testers (6) with soft touch capability.