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PCB Part Number Part Number:You must specify your internal identification number (Part#) for the board. Specifying a Revision is recommended.
Revision Rev:You must specify your internal identification number (Part#) for the board. Specifying a Revision is recommended.
Layers Layers:How many layers does your circuit board have?

In this product, we can show you online prices up to 8 layers. Offline, our sales people can get you prices for up to 26 layer boards.
Board Dimensions (inches)
Board Thickness Board Thickness: The total thickness of the board including all plating and final finishes.
Note: Currently Turnkey Pro offers only 0.062" thickness for 8 Layer boards
Minimum Hole Size Minimum Hole Size: Smallest finished hole size in inches.
Minimum Trace or Space Minimum Trace or Space: Minimum trace width and spacing, expressed in inches.
Number of Holes Per Board Number of Holes Per Board: This is important because a board with too much hole density is complex and takes a lot of resources on the drilling machine. If your board has more than 80 holes/square inch on the average, you may not get an automatic quote on this product promotion, and a sales person may need to get involved.
Surface Finish Surface Finish:
HASL: Hot Air Solder Levelling. This is the most commonly used surface finish and is also known simply as Solder finish. Note that this is leaded solder and is not RoHS compliant.

ENIG (RoHS compliant!):4 Micro inches of Palladium, 1 Micro inches of Gold over 125 micro inches of Nickel.

Lead-free HASL (RoHS compliant!): also called Lead Free Solder: Tin/copper solder application.
Assembly on
One Side Two Sides
Yes          No
ITAR controlled? ITAR?: International Traffic in Arms Regulations which govern the export of weapons and weapons-related technology from the United States. We do not allow ITAR for Turnkey Pro.
Need extra bare boards? When you need extra bare boards for testing, solder sample etc. These boards are not assembled, but will ship with your turnkey assembled boards.
Turn Time Turn Time: 5 days, 7 days and 10 days turntimes are available for Turnkey Pro. But with via-in-pad feature, only 7 days and 10 days turntimes are available.
Allow Vendor Markings Allow Vendor Markings on board: Vendor markings include Company Logo, UL marking, Flammability, etc. Such vendor markings will be put in Silkscreen/Legend. If silkscreen layer is not present, markings will be put in copper layer.
Email Email: We need your email so that you can get component engineering help as needed. You will not need to provide any more personal info to get a Quote.
Allow RoHS Marking Allow RoHS Marking where applicable:
Yes - Put in RoHS marking if applicable.
No - Do not put any RoHS marking, even if applicable.
Note that HASL finish is not RoHS compliant so will not have any RoHS markings
BOM File

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Turnkey Pro PCB Specs

  • IPC-6012 Class 2 PCB
  • Rigid Boards only (No flex or rigid-flex)
  • RoHS or non-RoHS options
  • Material Lead-free FR4 370HR
  • Surface Finishes: HASL, ENIG, or Lead-free HASL
  • Thickness 0.062", 0.031" or 0.093"
  • Min Finished Hole 0.006"
  • Min Space 0.004"
  • Min Trace 0.004"
  • No Arrays
  • Notches allowed
  • No Gold Fingers
  • Green Soldermask
  • White Legend
  • No ITAR Allowed
  • Slots and Cutouts allowed!
  • Via-in-Pads
  • Logo & UL Markings
  • Electrical Testing

Turnkey Pro Assembly Specs

  • Assembly Spec: IPC-A-610-Class2 Assembly
  • RoHS compliant assembly
  • Turnkey assembly- except for certain components that we cannot find/procure may be consigned.
  • Standard Assembly Process only. Special processes not allowed.
  • Minimum passive component size allowed: 0201
  • Minimum pitch of components allowed: 0.4 mm
  • BGA minimum pitch allowed: 0.5 mm
  • BGAs cannot have more than one ball size nor more than one pitch
  • Minimum pad size for components is 8 mil X 8 mil or 8 mil dia