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Press Release on 08/16/2011


Addresses needs of high-reliability products

"Universal" surface finish supports both lead-free and conventional solder alloys

In-house manufacturing, testing, and certification simplifies sourcing

Sunnyvale, CA August 16, 2011

Sierra Circuits, the leader in QuickTurn HDI PCBs, has installed new equipment and chemistry techniques to produce an ENEPIG (Electroless Nickel - Electroless Palladium) surface finish on Printed Circuit Boards to meet customer demands for high-reliability, lead-free, and conventional HDI printed circuit boards.

The ENEPIG (Electroless Nickel - Electroless Palladium - Immersion Gold) surface finish for PCBs was originally developed more than a decade ago to support wire bonding and fine-pitch Surface Mount Technology (SMT) with the same finish. However, the high price of palladium kept it out of reach for most businesses. With palladium now less expensive than gold, this surface finish has become the best choice for wire bond applications, ROHS assembly, and most other boards as well.

ENEPIG is called the "Universal" surface finish since it can be used for all assembly processes and works well with both lead-free and conventional eutectic solder alloys. It also eliminates the potential for the solderability issues that have been associated with ENIG (Electroless Nickel - Immersion Gold).

According to Amit Bahl, marketing director at Sierra Circuits, "Our company consistently delivers exceptional capabilities to satisfy the highest technological demands of our HDI PCB customers. In addition, since we own a complete set of ENEPIG-supporting equipment, we can offer our customers the entire solution: from manufacturing to testing and certification. Our in-house capability enables us to deliver quick-turn printed circuit boards with low cost and high reliability."

While the ENEPIG surface finish is useful for most HDI PCB applications, customers in markets with high reliability needs such as petroleum and gas drilling, medical device manufacturing, and aerospace technology find the ENEPIG process particularly valuable.


The ENEPIG process is available today from Sierra Circuits.

Visit our ENEPIG page for more information.

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