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Press Release on 07/27/2011

Sierra Circuits Publishes New White Paper Providing Insider Design Tips for HDI PCBs

"Insider Design Tips for Affordable High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs" White Paper now available on Sierra Circuits Website at

Helps PCB designers save money by enabling highly cost-effective design approaches

Sunnyvale, CA July 27, 2011

Sierra Circuits, the leader in QuickTurn HDI PCBs, has announced that it has released a new Design Tips white paper on their website. This white paper provides the design guidelines necessary for PCB layout engineers to create complex, yet cost-effective, HDI PCBs.

Here at Sierra Circuits, we continually hear from customers that their HDI layout designers are constantly challenged with feature issues including pad size, hole size, trace widths, via structures, the construction of micro via structures, as well as cost and development time. This white paper aims to demystify HDI PCB design and show how a methodical approach can increase electrical performance, signal integrity, and manufacturability, while also reducing design time, development cost, and product cost.

"We have found that the most successful designs are those which are well-planned from the beginning," said Amit Bahl, marketing director at Sierra Circuits. "By reading our white paper and using our planning tools, layout designers can create a robust design with great operational characteristics and low manufacturing cost."

Readers of this white paper will learn how to plan their design approach, choose the right PCB materials, manage their stack-up and micro via structures, and learn what other tools are available from Sierra Circuits to help aid the entire design process. The white paper is available for free on the Sierra Circuits website at

About Sierra Circuits

Sierra Circuits is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and Milspec MIL-PRF-55110 certified Printed Circuit Board manufacturer specializing in HDI, fine line and flex technologies with a focus on quick-turn prototypes and medium production.  Our capabilities include multi-layer and fine line processing as well as blind/buried, filled, and micro vias. In addition, we provide PCB Layout and PCB Assembly services.  For more information please visit


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