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PRESS RELEASE 04/12/2007
  Sierra hires key people to service former Photocircuits customers.
Sunnyvale, California
Ken Bahl, President of Sierra Proto Express, the printed circuit board industry's leader in high technology quick turn PCBs, announced the opening of an East Coast office in Atlanta, Georgia today.
The office will house the newly hired team made up of former key Photocircuits technical sales and front end people in order to specifically service former Photocircuits accounts.
With locations in Sunnyvale, California and Chanute, Kansas as well as offshore capabilities, Sierra offers customers (including former Photocircuits customers) a complete PCB solution.
Mr. Bahl Commented: We are putting together the best team possible to service those accounts that were left behind when Photocircuits closed their doors. Our goal is to provide these customers with the familiarity and comfort of a team they are used to working with while using our facilities to fabricate their products. We want to make as easy as possible for these customers to more their business to Sierra. On the same token we are putting together a team of experienced professionals who are experts in servicing these customers so that they can help us to develop a strong solution to those companies who were former Photocircuits customers. This is a win for everyone.
Added Rex Green formerly of Photocircuits and now the new General Manager of Sierra Proto Express' East coast office: I see this working very well. We will fabricate the high tech and quick turn products in Sunnyvale and the domestic volume mid technology products in our Midwest facility; we can also handle the high volume more competitively priced work to our offshore outsourcing partners. We will even have an automotive solution for those customers who require automotive design and prototype fabrication. Sierra can also do some high tech work that we could not do at Photocircuits and this is a real plus. We are providing a very powerful solution to customers that Photocircuits left behind.
Sierra Proto Express is the PCB industry leader in developing new cutting edge technologies. In 2006 Sierra developed a virtually indestructible High Reliability Lead Free printed circuit board capable of withstanding over 2000 thermal cycles. This product is available now. Most recently Sierra launched Micro Electronic rigid PCB's with 1 mil lines and spacing. Sierra Proto Express is one of the industry's fastest growing PCB Fabrication companies with sales expected to exceed $40 million in 2007. Sierra Proto Express:
For more information contact Dan Beaulieu at 207-649-0879

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