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Laser Direct Imaging System

The System directly plots circuit image on to the panel which is laminated with the photoresist. Thereby, it avoids the total use of physical entity of lith films and also it replaces number of processes involved in preparing lith films.

Accuracy and precision of the circuit image is very high we can print the traces down to 2 mil without any issues

Orbotech Paragon 9000M

  • 25 Microns features
  • 160 scanned images per hour 
  • Powerful 355nm solid state laser High Resolution system
  • Ideal for packaging ,flex , sequential build up and higher layer count product

Auto Cut Sheet Laminator

Used for the lamination of the photoresist and it has a special feature of cutting the photoresist on the panel itself, thereby avoiding loose laminar particle forming at the edges in normal cutting method.

Photo resist is photosensitive polymer which is laminated on copper clad which acts as a medium to transfer the circuit image from the source.

  • Hakuto Mach 600
  • Hakuto Mach 720i

Multiline VPE – 4 Camera System

This machine is used to punch the multi-line alignment holes into the silver halide films used for exposing the art works.

Multiline VPE – 4 Camera System

Post Etch Punch

This machine is used for punching the target alignment holes on to the inner layer core. This helps to stack the different cores in multilayer construction for proper registration.

Multiline OPE

Vacuum Lamination Press

This machine is used for laminating different cores of the multilayer which has circuit images already formed using Prepreg, arranged in sequential order with proper registration.

All the internal layer are bonded together with heat, pressure and vacuum.

In this machine, pressure is calculated in terms of force which depends on the panel dimension and number panels put together in a single press cycle.

Temperature profile depends  on the TG of the laminate

Registration Drill System (OPL)

Pluritec Inspecta X Ray 

This machine used for drilling the target holes which are located on layer 2 of multi-layer board which is covered with copper, machine identifies the target by x ray and drills the holes exactly to the centre of the target.

ESI Laser Drill

This laser system used for drilling the micro vias from 1 mil to 6 mil.

Selection of the laser via depends on the aspect ratio of the plating capabilities with respect to the stack up created.

This laser system uses CO2 and UV as the source of laser beam

Drill Machine

These are purely drilling machines with air bearing spindles which can run up to 200 K RPM and can drill as minimum as 4 mil holes diameter

These machines are built up with special features.

  1. You can load 600 drill bits to 2000 drill bits in the cartridge
  2. Broken drill detection system which detects the broken drill and replaces it with new drill
  3. This machine also verify the tool diameter with respect to the diameter specified in the programme
  • Hitachi ND5L21OE
  • Hitachi NR5E21OE

Electroless Copper Line

This Machine is used for copper plating (PTH ) hole barrel by electroless less method

Electroless Copper Line

Electrochemical Chemistry

Chemistry has sequential Process steps where in which copper gets deposited.  

Electrochemical Chemistry

Strip Etch Strip Line

This machine is used for performing three functions in single line using different chemicals in different zones.

Process include striping of photo resist, etching the unwanted copper and stripping of the etch resist ( TIN )

Strip Etch Strip Line

Copper Plating Lines

Pulse and DC rectification sequential operation of copper plating by electroplating method. 

Here plating is done to the tune of 1 mil inside the hole barrel. 


Organic Surface Protectant line

This Conveyorized  machine used for surface finish  called organic solvent preservative , which is the low cost process 

Electrochemical OSP

De Burr

This machine is used for removal of the burr formed during drilling operation , This is process of mechanical abrasion using 320 grit brittles  brushes both in top and bottom, there will be current loading factor which is calculated based on the board thickness to create the optimum pressure of brush on to the drilled boards 

Marseco DBS 24

ETI West Super scrub – 20

The combination action of the abrasive pumice particles and nylon brushes tangent to the surface, removes all the contaminants and leaves a fresh virgin copper finish with a uniform surface.

No plug effect, no smearing, and no hole ovalization

Non-Conductive Via Fill


Improved control and reduction in lead times, beneficial to improve the HDI process and enable via in pad technology.

Vacuum assisted resin fill

High Resolution Printer

It is 8 kW Exposure.  Used to print the image of the solder mask layer.

  • Olec 8000 Super Eight
  • Glass to glass contact with vacuum 
  • Specially used for  Exposing the solder mask layer

Tunnel Oven

Tunnel oven is used for curing of the solder mask printed on the board with the set of thermal profile. 

Circuit Automation TC120

LPI Coater

This machine is used for coating or flood print of the solder mask ink on to the panel both sides simultaneously. ( LPI ink is coated)

Circuit Automation DP2500

Juki SMT Machine Line

Machine used for the assembly of the surface mount components which has sequential  operation

  1. Paste printing 
  2. Pick and place the SMD components
  3. Reflow ( solder )
  4. AOI ( optical inspection )
  • Juki SMT Machine Line
  • Assembled SMT Board

Flying Probe Tester

Machine is used for electrical testing of the bare pcbs without using any form of jigs and fixtures.

Machine is built up with probes , these probes go the desired co –ordinates and check of the continuity of nets and Isolation

Flying Probe Tester