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Imaging & Plotting

Orbotech Paragon 9000M

Orbotech’s Paragon family of Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) systems provides powerful performance for high-volume imaging of HDI, Flex and Rigid-Flex applications. Paragon leverages Large Scan Optics (LSO) Technology™, and a combination of high LDI throughput and registration accuracy for superior imaging results of even the most challenging PCB applications.

  • Maskless imaging to save time, money and increase image quality
  • High resolution accuracy down to 25µm/1mil for advanced HDI designs
  • Dynamic imaging modes to match panel distortion
  • High depth-of-focus of ±300µm for single scan on Rigid-Flex
  • Multiple traceability options on panels

Automatic Cut Sheet Laminator

Hakuto Mach 600
Hakuto Mach 720i

Used for the lamination of the photoresist, our Hakuto Automatic Cut Sheet Laminators have special features for cutting the photoresist directly on the panel. This allows us to avoid loose laminar particles forming at the edges as found in normal cutting methods.

Post Etch Punch

Multiline Technology Optiline PE

Optiline PE- the first of a diverse line of Multiline post etch punches the OPE offers flexibility and dependability in a machine which has been proven in PCB facilities throughout the world. The OPE incorporates a very accurate precision ground and jig ground interchangeable punch and die system which allows maximum adjustability.

This interchangeable punch and die construction provides an easy to maintain machine which limits down time during sharpening to minutes not days.

Multiline Technology Optiline VPE, 4 Camera System

The Optiline VPE is used to punch the multi-line alignment holes into the silver halide films used for exposing the art works. This machine is a less expensive model of the Optiline PE which shares the same construction features and tolerances as the OPE. It is built on a die set with castings and removable punches like the OPE. The punch and die blocks are interchangeable on either machine. The differences are in some of the automation options and in the panel thickness range from 0.002″ to 0.032″ the machine can punch.

PCB Lamination

Vacuum Lamination Press

This machine is used for laminating different cores of the multilayer which has circuit images already formed using Prepreg, arranged in sequential order with proper registration.

All the internal layers are bonded together with heat, pressure, and vacuum. In this machine, pressure is calculated depending on the panel dimension and number panels put together in a single press cycle.

PCB Drilling

Registration Drill System (OPL)

Pluritec Inspecta X Ray

Our Pluritec Inspecta X Ray is an X-Ray Optimizing Driller-Router. It uses real-time image analysis of the digital video feed from it’s 50 kV X-Ray to measure the internal structure of each PCB panel which it processes. This enables the registration of it’s drilling and routing operations to the invisible internal structure of the panels. In addition it offers massive data collection and process intelligence and surveillance capabilities.

Laser Drilling

ESI 5330 Laser Drill

Our ESI 5330 Laser Drill system is used for drilling the micro vias from 1 mil to 6 mil.

The ESI 5330 enables customers the shrink pad design for increased density of circuit boards and electronic packages. ESI’s model 5330 UV laser micro-via drill incorporates a high-power diode-pumped laser with pulse repetition frequency of up to 70 kHz and can cut copper with excellent quality and productivity rates of up to 15,000 vias per minute.

This laser system uses CO2 and UV as the source of the laser beam—guaranteeing excellent quality, improving registration, and producing highly circular vias, high throughput, and excellent bottom copper quality with no resin residue.

Mechanical Drilling

Hitachi ND5L21OE
Hitachi NR5E21OE

These are purely drilling machines with air-bearing spindles that can run up to 200,000 RPMs. Our Hitachi Mechanical Drilling machines are built up with special features.

  1. Drill as small as 4-mil diameters.
  2. Load 600-2,000 drill-bits into the cartridge
  3. Broken drill detection system that detects and replaces broken bits automatically
  4. Verifies tool diameters to align with your PCB Design files
Plating & Etching

Electroless Copper Line

Electrochemical Chemistry

Electroless copper plating is used to plate holes to make PTHs and vias. While drilled holes are being plated some of the external surfaces are also plated. The thickness of the plating is typically 20 to 100 microinches both in the holes and in the surfaces depending on the board manufacturer’s processes.

Strip-Etch-Strip Line

Chemcut SES

This machine is used for performing three functions in a single line using different chemicals in different zones.

Once the plating is complete on the panel, the panel must go through the strip-etch-strip (SES) process. The PCB panel is stripped of the resist and the copper that is now exposed will be etched away so that only the traces and the pads around the holes and other copper patterns will remain.

Finally, the remaining tin that is covering the traces and holes is chemically removed/stripped, leaving behind the copper and the exposed laminate of the PCB.

Copper Plating Lines


Pulse and DC rectification sequential operation of copper plating through electroplating. With our Phastek Copper Plating Line, plating is done to the tune of 1-mil inside the hole barrel.

Surface Finishing

Organic Surface Protectant Line

Electrochemical OSP

This conveyorized machine is used for surface finish called Organic Solderability Preservative, (OSP)

OSP is the low cost leader for most PCBs. It is an organic coating that is deposited with a wet in-line panel process. For most common assemblies, OSP is an excellent surface finish selection. It selectively bonds to copper and protects the copper pad before soldering.

OSP is environmentally friendly, provides a coplanar surface, is lead-free, and requires low equipment maintenance.

Mechanical De-Burring

Marseco DBS

This machine is used for removal of the burr formed during drilling operation.

This process utilizes mechanical abrasion with 320 grit bristle brushes on both sides of your board. To achieve optimum pressure for the brush, a current-load factor is calculated based on the board thickness.

ETI West Super Scrub

The combination action of the abrasive pumice particles and nylon brushes tangent to the surface, removes all contaminants. The result is a fresh virgin copper finish with a uniform surface.

No plug effect, no smearing, and no hole ovalization.

Non-Conductive Via Hole Plugging


Improved control and reduction in lead times, beneficial to improve the HDI process and enable via in pad technology.

  • Vacuum assisted resin fill
  • Air-bubble-free hole filling
  • Less residue after curing process by prior scraping of the panel in a specially designed chamber.
  • Highest Aspect Ratio is possible
  • Filling of Blind/Buried Vias & Through holes in one step
Soldermask & Silk Screening

High Resolution Printing

Olec 8000 Super Eight

Using an extremely powerful 8 kW exposure, the Olec 8000 Super Eight is used to print the image of the soldermask layer. An integrated vacuum creates glass to glass contact for perfectly crisp lines required for high resolution printing.

Tunnel Oven

Circuit Automation TC-120 Conveyor Tunnel Oven

The Circuit Automation TC-120 Tunnel Oven is used for curing of the solder mask printed on your PCB with the set of thermal profiles.

Circuit Automation has developed and patented controls that intermix the airflow from end to end inside the fan plenum and modulate flow via computer controlled dampers. These controls enable the oven to maintain optimum temperature profiles regardless of loading or panel size mix. These patented features, available only on Circuit Automation ovens, result in exceptional temperature uniformity from entrance to exit and across the tunnel cross section: ± 1°C at tack-dry temperatures and ±2°C at final cure temperatures.

LPI Coating

Circuit Automation DP2500 LPI Screener

Our Circuit Automation DP2500 LPI Screener is used for the coating—or flood-printing—of the soldermask ink onto the panel. Our machine is capable of coating both sides simultaneously. For most PCB applications, we strongly recommend LPI Coating as it is the most robust and high-quality option for your PCBs

PCB Assembly

SMT Assembly Lines


Technically speaking, the SMT placement machine iineo+ is a multi function SMT Pick and Place platform , it has the highest level of flexibility and feeder count in the industry. The machine is widely configurable without the need to compromise on feeder count, placement speed or component capability.


Our High Flexibility SMT screen printers combine the company’s commitment to high performance and reliability with outstanding value.

The platform has been developed to cope with the rigors of high volume SMT production. Yet it incorporates the flexibility needed to deliver the fast set-up and product changeovers demanded by low and medium volume operations working in high-mix environments.

Juki SMT Machine Line

Our assembly services include advanced automated equipment like the Juki Automation Systems. We offer unmatched turnaround—and are able to place up to 15,000 components an hour with minimum setup time.

The Juki SMT Machine Line is used for the assembly of the surface mount components, utilizing the following sequential operation:

  1. Paste printing
  2. Pick and place the SMD components
  3. Reflow (solder)
  4. AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

SMT Reflow Ovens

Heller Mark III SMT Reflow Ovens

The World’s Best SMT Convection Reflow Oven

  • Lead Free Certified
  • Enhanced Heater Modules
  • Intuitive Control System
  • Programmable Cooling
  • Integrated CPK Software

Material Handling

Inovaxe Material Handling SMART Racks System

Our Inovaxe SMART Racks can store hundreds of reels per square foot and access your parts in seconds, communicating directly with SMT machines while cutting down on kitting times.

Testing & Quality Control

Flying Probe Testing

Seica Flying Probe Pilot V8 Next

The Flying Probe Tester Pilot V8 Next> series represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology; it is the complete solution for those who want maximum performance: the highest test speed, low to medium volume, test coverage and flexibility, for prototyping, manufacturing, or repairing any type of board. Its vertical architecture is the optimum solution for probing both sides of the UUT simultaneously.

3D X-ray Inspection

Viscom X8011-II PCB

The universal X8011-II PCB is designed for the reliable 2D and 3D X-ray inspection of a wide range of high-end electronics: it inspects individual components, assemblies, and even housed components as well as non-electrical components in production, quality assurance, and development. This results in a wide range of applications in the field of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automated X-ray inspection.

Due to the practical, modular system approach and the X8011-II PCB’s wide range of options, its high-quality X-ray tubes, digital detectors, and axis systems can be flexibly adapted to the required inspection requirements and products. Error images are easy to classify due to the high resolution and brilliant image quality, enabling informed decisions and immediate feedback boosting product quality and cost reduction.

The manual X-ray system is optimally prepared for individual tasks and at the same time intelligently integrated into the production line thanks to the Viscom Quality Uplink — for optimized process reliability and a sustainable increase in product quality.

Dage 3D X-ray machines

Our Dage 3D X-ray machines are equipped with rotating cameras, which carefully inspect the board. From solder joints to correctly placed components, we carefully inspect all aspects of your assembly job.

Solder Paste Inspection

Viscom S3088 Ultra Chrome

S3088 ultra chrome: excellent 3D solder paste inspection system with advanced camera technology

Viscom’s compact SPI system inspects solder paste application in SMD production with maximum speed and precision. 3D features, such as volume, height, and shape as well as surface area, displacement, and smearing are accurately recorded. The 3D inline system demonstrates our decades of experience in reliable, high throughput solder paste inspection systems. The latest sensor technology with an orthogonal camera and four lateral views results in the highest inspection quality. Realistic color images ensure quick and clear verification. The FastFlow handling guarantees an extremely high throughput thanks to synchronous in- and outfeed of the assemblies. The system can achieve handling times of up to 2.5 seconds with minimal mechanical impact loads.

3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

Viscom S3088 Ultra Chrome

Viscom has developed a best-of system configuration on the basis of the successful, flexible S3088 ultra premium system. Outstanding inspection quality and extremely fast inspection speed are combined in a compact housing design with special high-speed 3D camera technology.

Developed for cost-effective mass production of printed circuit boards, the S3088 ultra chrome offers reliable component inspection and measures solder joints at a resolution of 10 µm.

ASC International AV862-M

The AV862 Series of AOI solutions from ASC International provides manufactures with a solid platform to validate the overall variables associated with component placement. Absence / presence, polarity, OCR, solder inspection and lead quality can all be detected with low false call rates.

Custom Thermal Profiles

BTU Pyramax 125A

Sierra Circuits PCBs are tested for solder reflow and then given an exclusively tailored custom thermal profile during assembly manufacturing.

BTU’s Pyramax™ family of high-throughput convection reflow ovens is widely recognized as the global standard of excellence for SMT solder reflow, semiconductor packaging and LED packaging and assembly.

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