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Benefits of HDI technology

As covered above, HDI PCBs are small, compact, and have great electrical performance. Here are additional benefits to using HDI PCBs.

Cost Effective

When properly planned out, overall costs are reduced due to the lower number of necessary layers and smaller sizes compared to standard PCBs.

Faster Time-to-Market

Design efficiencies in HDI production means faster time-to-market. Because of the easy placement of components and vias and electrical performance, it takes a shorter amount of time to go through the design and testing process for the HDIs.

Better reliability

Microvias have much better reliability than typical through holes due to use of better materials and a smaller aspect ratio. Since microvias are more dependable than through holes, the HDIs perform better with better materials and parts.


Though HDIs are extremely useful when implemented in small devices, be aware of the electronic product's needs. Have some information on hand before designing your HDI board.

Careful planning and consideration into the design and manufacturing process are crucial to ensuring exactly what you need is the result. It is very difficult ult to change the design and parts once the board is already being made. Having an incomplete plan for what the HDI board(s) should do and what components it needs will slow down the process. Constant changes to hardware already in production can cost more than having a properly planned out board that is made once.


Contact your fabrication and assembly shop ahead of time for help and to see if what you are designing is within their capabilities.