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PCB Fab+Assembly
"Turnkey Pro" Service

Quote and Order PCBs and Assembly at the click of a button. If your board meets our standard specs, our Turnkey Pro online special offers the best value for true quickturn PCB assembly: upfront, online, and on time. Automated BOM checks. Our expert CAM & Assembly Engineers will run full DFM and DFA checks immediately after you order, so issues are quickly resolved before we start manufacturing.

PCB Fab (Assembly Optional)
"WEB PCB" Service

Use our Web PCB service to quote and order PCB Fabrication. Widest range of PCB specsavailable compared to our other online offerings. You can optionally order Assembly also. Once order is placed our Engineers will run full DFM checks (also DFA if Assembly ordered) on your files. So we minimize issues when your files go into fabrication.

Special Self-service Promo
"No Touch" Service

For ultimate price-sensitive 2, 4, or 6 Layer, very simple, standard technology prototype PCBs, use our No Touch PCB service. You can verify your design, receive a quote, and submit your order at once. In this "No Touch" online service, our engineers do not review your data. You must be able to load your files, assign layer info and drill info so our automated system can run DFM checks. You can only order if your design passes the DFM. No assembly available.

Custom Quote (for more complex needs)

Custom Quote

Get a Custom Quote for more complex PCB requirements, say with special materials, Mil-spec/Class 3, HDI features, blind/buried vias, metal-core, or Flex/Rigid-flex requirements etc. Or say, your design needs some special stack-up help or NPI review. Your quote can be for PCB fabrication and/or Assembly. Your files will be evaluated in detail by an engineer and a Quote will be sent to you (by email) within a few hours.