(Blind, Buried & Micro Vias features)
Sierra Circuits is a US based manufacturer of High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI PCBs). Our HDI capabilities include laser microvias, blind and buried vias, fine lines and spaces, sequential lamination, via-in-pad technology. We have provided microelectronic pcbs with fine pitch devices down to 200 microns, using 50 micron laser drilled via-in-pad technology and thin build-up materials. Upload your data and receive a free consultation and review of your HDI design today or contact us if you need any design help. Experience our expertise and feel the difference.
With our operations focused on key customer industries, we know that our Customer's success is our success. Sierra Circuits provides HDI printed circuit board manufacturing services to customers in the high end automotive industry, semiconductor test equipment industry, medical electronic device industry, mobile, computing, aerospace and defense industry.

Although we serve a variety of industries, one thing is common-our customer's high expectations in quality, reliability, and on-time delivery. Sierra Circuits manufactures electronics of the highest quality standards which are as per IPC and Military Specifications.

Our quality is not an afterthought, but built into each process from up front PCB Engineering Services to packaging and shipping. And we don't stop-we have instituted continuous process improvements for our quality goal of Zero Defect.
We service our customers from prototype through production, meeting their time to market requirements. No order is too small. We thrive in a high mix, quick turn environment. Our on-time delivery, for standard as well as complex technology is in the 90% across all industries.
HDI is widely used in chip packaging, next-generation silicon testing, supercomputing and in the following markets.
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Our Capabilities include BT material from Mitsubishi and Panasonic, buried resistive and capacitive materials from Tycer and Ohmega, and non-glass reinforced materials. These materials are used in build-up, sequential lamination technology with fine lines down to 1.25 mils trace and space and solder mask defined pads.
  • MCM / Flip Chip / Wirebond
  • 35 Microns trace space
  • New ENEPIG Surface Finish
  • Build-up technology including stacked microvias
Sierra Circuits is ISO 13485:2016 certified. We help our medical device customers by bringing high end technology to market faster. We offer complete turnkey services to minimize the product development schedule. Sierra Circuits manufacturers medical pcb technology such as micro fluidic substrates, thin and high density flex and rigid-flex technology for implantable medical devices, and rigid and flex pcbs for hand held medical devices. We also understand the sensitivity to traceability and the required documentation. This, along with our world class manufacturing facility, helps our customers achieve their goals on schedule.

Capabilities include micro flex, flex and rigid-flex materials and fine lines.
  • 35 Micron trace space
  • Flex / Rigid Flex HDI PCB
  • Full traceability and lot tracking
Sierra Circuits understands the requirements for printed circuit board manufacturing in the Aerospace industry. We are currently working towards our AS9100 certification. The materials and process we use virtually eliminate any outgassing. Our High Density Interconnect PCB capability serves as a tool for reducing design size, weight and power consumption for the printed circuit board. Our culture of high mix of product on a quick schedule, coupled with our quality and reliability standards is a winning combination for the Aerospace industry.

PCB Capabilities include metal core boards for heat dissipation, high reliability process technology for vibration resistance.
  • High Reliability Testing
  • HATS testing for stacked microvia
  • Microvias Cross-Section Reports
Sierra Circuits manufactures military PCB electronics from prototype quantities to LRIP (Low Rate Initial Production). For military electronics, we specialize in the high-end manufacturing technology and cutting edge research and development projects. We have worked on military communication systems as well as missile and defense systems with NASA, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin. Sierra Circuits is certified to PCB military certification MIL-PRF-55110 G. You can download our updated PCB military certification here. Sierra Circuits is also ITAR registered, so you can rest assured that we understand the sensitivity and security requirements for your data and intellectual property.

Capabilities include: High technology RF (Radio Frequency) devices using low dielectric, low loss materials such as Rogers, Taconic and high reliability materials like Polyimide.
  • COTS Boards
  • Milspec Certified HDI PCBs
  • ITAR Certified
  • 0.4mm Pitch with stacked microvias