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The differences between flex PCBs and rigid are few, but significant. Here, we outline the advantages of flex PCBs, the differences between flex and rigid PCBs, and what to keep in mind when designing your first flex PCB. [DOWNLOAD NOW]
PCB Assembly Brochure

PCB Assembly Brochure
A straight line is not always the shortest route between two points in electronic products: Thanks to rigid-flex PCB architecture, circuits can be folded onto themselves with 180º bends—superimposed at minimum height—significantly shrinking product dimensions. [Read More]
One of our customers recently sent us a four-layer stackup that needed a little tweaking. We talked it over with our design engineers and came up with solutions and alternatives to all the issues at hand. It’s amazing how a few changes to your stackup design can ensure durability and manufacturability on your flex board. [Read More]
PCB Assembly Brochure

PCB Assembly Brochure
Flex printed circuits can provide several obvious advantages over conventional ribbon cables in certain applications. For example, a flex circuit can span between a board and a connector on a bulkhead several inches away at a right angle in the same plane as the board. That’s not feasible with a ribbon cable. [READ MORE]
Dave Cowl worked with HoloEye Systems to create a customized holographic waveguide visor display (HWVD) helmet for the US Air Force. Sierra Circuits manufactured the prototype rigid-flex PCBs, which included HDI and a flex ribbon to connect the rigid boards. Originally published in the June 2015 edition of PCD&F. [DOWNLOAD NOW]
PCB Assembly Brochure

Flexible PCBs: Cheat Sheet
Save time and hassle on your next flex and rigid-flex design: download our cheat sheet. Includes when and why to use a flex design, and tips when designing rigid-flex and flex PCBs. [DOWNLOAD NOW]
Sierra Circuits’ flex and rigid-flex glossary covers all the terms you’ll need to know before designing your upcoming circuit board. Perfect for designers with all levels of experience, this PDF is a must-have for all designers who work with flex and rigid-flex PCBs. [DOWNLOAD NOW]
Flexible PCBs Glossary