Web PCBs Service (with option for instant online Turnkey Assembly!)

Our standard technology PCBs can be quoted and ordered online . We refer to this as our "Web PCB" service. Our CAM engineers individually verify your design for manufacturability (DFM) when you order PCBs using our Web PCB service. This detailed attention by CAM engineers allows for a wider range of board specifications than is possible with our "No Touch PCBs" service where we only do automated verification. Use our Web PCB ordering service to specify boards with up to 12 layers, and a big selection of different surface finishes and materials.

With WEBPCB online service, you can quote not only Fabrication, but (optionally) Assembly Labor and Components too. So you can get an Assembly quote in minutes! Simply have your BOM file ready to upload if you want a turnkey quote.

Why you should choose our Web PCB service

  • Instant quote and order of standard technology PCBs up to 12 layers, and down to 4 mils trace/space
  • (Optional) Instant quote and order of Assembly Labor and Components! Just upload your BOM online
  • Lead-free Assembly available
  • You can choose from many different PCB materials (including FR4)
  • PCBs can have Controlled Impedance/Controlled Dielectric features
  • Netlist Electrical Testing of PCBs included
  • Wide variety of PCB surface finishes can be specified, including HASL, lead-free HASL, Hard Gold, ENIG, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver etc. So you have options to make your board RoHS compatible if needed.
  • Gold Fingers are allowed (on HASL or lead-free HASL finishes)
  • Turn times from one day to four weeks available
  • Prototype to medium production volumes
  • Via-in-Pad feature available

Web PCB/Assembly Service Guidelines and Restrictions

Our Web PCB service enables ultimate speed and convenience.

PCB Fabrication: Instantly quote and order standard technology, rigid PCBs up to 12 layers, with standard materials and finishes. These are single lamination PCBs (i.e., no blind/ buried vias allowed).

PCB Assembly: Instantly quote and order Consigned, Turnkey and Partial-Turnkey assembly though the Web PCB service.

(includes instant BOM pricing also!). Note that this service is for rigid PCBs only, not for flex or rigid-flex PCBs.

For PCBs: We prefer RS-274X Extended Gerber format. If your file is not in RS-274X, send an Aperture file. Please see FAQ below for what files to include.

For Assembly: You will need to upload your BOM (excel format) online for quoting. In the final package we will need Assembly Drawing and XY data also.

1,2,3,4,5 and 10 business days from order date. When will my boards ship if I order today?


From 1 PCB to 1500 PCBs. Some restrictions may apply for large quantities on Quick Turns.

Maximum Area allowed for a board is 150 square inches.

Maximum X or Y dimension allowed is 15.9" and minimum dimension allowed is 0.5".

FR4, FR4-06, FR4-lead free. Standard materials are instantly quoted online. Exotic materials may be quoted by a Web Product Specialist offline.

Please note that Web PCB service is for rigid PCBs only. For Flex or Rigid-flex PCBs, please get a custom quote directly through a Sierra sales person.

Almost all standard thicknesses including 0.062", 0.031" etc (certain layers may be limited to certain standard thicknesses).

The tolerance for thickness in Web PCBs is +/- 10% of nominal thickness for boards down to 0.031 thick For boards less than 0.031 thick the Thickness Tolerance is constant at +/- 0.003 (+/- 3 mils).

Arrays are allowed in Web PCB product. But we will NOT create the arrays for you- your file has to have the array as a single-up image!.

When quoting, you will have to enter the Array dimensions, how many boards per array, and Individual board dimensions.

For PCB quotes purpose always enter the quantity of individual boards (NOT the quantity of arrays).

Arrays may have Scoring or Route and Retain.

Now allowing down to 4 mils (0.004") minimum trace/space!.

Minimum air-gap of 0.004" (space between any two copper features).

Minimum annular ring 0.005" (applies to both plated and non-plated holes).

Minimum inner layer drill to copper spacing 0.013" (applies to both plated and non-plated holes).

Surface pattern: Nominal 1 Oz./sq foot. (0.0013" to 0.002") (33 microns to 51 microns)

Inner layer copper: 0.5 oz, 1 oz, 2oz, or 3 oz.

Outer layer (finished) copper: 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz, or 4 oz.

0.0008" to 0.0012" (20 microns to 30 microns).

HASL(Solder), Lead-Free HASL, Hard Gold, Bondable Gold, Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver.

Gold Fingers allowed on HASL finish only

Gold Finish Gold Thickness Nickel Thickness Palladium Thickness
Soft Bondable Gold 30 μin (0.76μ) -- --
Immersion Gold 1.5 - 2.8 μin (0.038μ - 0.0711μ) 125 μin - 250 μin --
Hard Gold 31.5 μin (0.80μ) -- --
ENEPIG 1.5 - 2.8 μin (0.038μ - 0.0711μ) 125 μin - 250 μin 4 μin - 8 μin

Down to 6 mils (0.006") finished hole size allowed.

Plated holes: 246 mils (0.246"). Non-plated holes: 199 mils (0.199").

Instant quote may not be available if hole density exceeds 100 holes/sq inch (Total holes on a board/Area of board).

Our Web Product Specialist may ask for more details before quoting designs with such high hole-density.

We allow Via-in-Pad features on your board.
The turn time for such jobs will be minimum 5 days for PCB fabrication. (Any Assembly turntime is additional)

All vias in such boards will be filled with non-conductive filling.

6 mils (0.006") (We need this minimum annular ring width on your design to ensure there are no "breakouts" on the pads in the manufactured board).

For more details on Annular Ring requirements CLICK HERE.

Allowed but only for standard available thicknesses.

This means in your design, you are specifying the width of certain traces and spacing to achieve a specific resistance.

In your impedance modeling, use the Dk for material 370HR.

We expect that in your fab drawing, you will have a Impedance table that CLEARLY identifies the Target Impedance(s), the Layer(s) on which they exist and the specific Trace Widths / Spaces to be controlled. See a sample format for Impedance Table.

Do note that in this online service, our Controlled Impedance offering has certain limitations:

  • Only offered for boards up to 6 layers
  • Only available with +/- 10% tolerance
  • You can have controlled impedances on up to 4 different layers on your board
  • On any layer you can have up to two different controlled impedances
  • Our engineers will meet your controlled impedance requirements using our own stackup.
    (All we need is your controlled impedance info. We do not need and may not use any specific controlled dielectric information you provide)

If your Controlled Impedance requirements exceed this spec, please ask for a Custom Quote.


Up to 3 plated slots allowed per board

Up to 10 non-plated slots allowed per board

Up to 10 cutouts allowed per board

Up to 10 notches allowed per board

(If any of the above allowances are exceeded in your design, we can still process it for a minimum $100 extra lot charge on your order. We will get your approval before doing so.)

Minimum Inside Radius (for any notch, cutout or slot) = 20 mil (0.02")

Minimum Width (of any notch, cutout or slot) = 40 mil (0.04")

We expect to see a single image of a single PCB, and the vast majority of the orders we see comply with this.

However if your files do have more than one part on it, we will charge you $100 extra on the order($100 Lot charge).

Solder Mask is available in following colors: Green, Blue, Red, Black, White and Clear. It is allowed on both sides.

In our Web PCB service, we only offer LPI solder mask.

Please follow the guidelines given below.

    • Note

    • We only offer LPI solder mask in our Web PCB service. If your design forces us to use Laser Direct Imaging LPI (LDI-LPI) solder mask, we will contact you and get approval for a $500 extra charge on your order.
    • In such case, please see design guidelines for LDI-LPI Solder Mask

Legend Colors available: White, Black, Yellow. Both sides allowed.(Legend should have minimum 5 mils (0.005") trace width).

UL Markings: We will put UL marking for any FR4 material jobs ordered through Web PCB service. The Sierra Circuits logo is generally applied on all PCBs and it is on silkscreen/legend. If your PCBs do not have silkscreen/legend, then the Sierra logo may be put in copper.

With WEBPCB online service, we also provide an option to not have any Logos or UL markings, if you so choose.

Electrical 100% Net-list testing.

FedEx, UPS, Will Call. You can use your own Fedex/UPS Account number. International Shipments allowed. All duties/customs are responsibility of the customer.

See shipping charges here.

Credit Card (Purchase Order allowed only for select customers who have set up credit terms).

For 4 Layer or more orders, please include stack-up information. Please be available to clarify any discrepancies by providing your 24 hour contact number.

1. Web PCBs are manufactured to IPC-6012 Class 2 specifications. (Note that we do not provide any Microsection reports or IPC coupons in Web PCB service. If you need such reports or you need your boards made to Mil-Spec or Class 3 specs, please ask for a Custom Quote).

2. Also, if your design has ITAR considerations, do mark the ITAR radio-button when getting quote.

For PCBs, special features like Milling, Blind/Buried vias, Mixed Copper layers, etc., cannot be instantly priced online. However, please use the online price matrix anyway and press the CLICK HERE link. A Web Product Specialist will contact you and get you a quote as needed

For Assembly, our online labor quote is for RIGID boards only with below specifications.

  • Minimum passive component size allowed is 0201.
  • Minimum pitch allowed is 0.4 mm for regular SMT devices (For BGA the minimum pitch allowed is 0.5 mm).
  • Maximum number of thru hole components (per board) is 20.
  • Minimum component pad size must be 8 mil X 8 mil or 8 mil diameter.

Furthermore, it does not include the following:

  1. Assembly of Flex or Rigid-Flex boards
  2. Assembly of special items like PEM nuts, Turrets Terminals, Rivets, and Press-Fit connectors.
  3. Special assembly processes like: Wire-Bonding , Conformal Coating, Underfills, Staking, POP assembly, wires & cables assembly.
  4. Assembly Rework like cutting traces, soldering wire jumpers & cables onto the boards.

If any of these is required, such services will be quoted separately by a Web Product Specialist.

Sierra Circuits reserves the right to refuse any Web PCB order within 1 business day. This rarely ever happens, but may happen, say, if the board design has special complexities that are not commensurate with the price paid online.

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We strive to keep information on this page relevant and accurate. However, some information may change over time or may be out-of-date at the time you read it. You can confirm any information by contacting our Customer Service.