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No Touch PCBs

  • Our popular internet special for simple 2,4 and 6 layer PCBs! Get the benefits of Auto File Verification (AFV)

  • You must have ability to identify which file belongs to which layer. Our AFV process will need that.

  • Ideal for your simple 2, 4 and 6 layer boards. Instant online pricing and ordering.

  • FR-4 material only. And only 0.062" overall board thickness.

  • Hot Air Solder Level (HASL) Finish only

  • Minimum 5 mils trace/space (0.005")

  • Minimum hole size 8 mils (0.008")

  • Any number of drill sizes allowed (we do not restrict you to pre-set sizes!)

  • 3, 4 and 10 Days turntime available (Also 2 Days, on request)

  • Quantity up to 100 pieces

  • Both Plated and Non-Plated holes allowed

  • Simple individual routing only. No arrays etc.

  • No gold finishes. No gold fingers.

  • No electrical testing option

  • Fantastic, competitive prices. Instantly quoted online.

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Web PCBs

  • For designs that are more complex than the No Touch specs. 2 to 12 layers allowed. 5 mil trace/space allowed.

  • Simply upload your file and our engineers will evaluate it in detail. (Unlike No Touch, where you need to identify files to layers assignment)

  • Instant online pricing and ordering  for 2 to 12 Layer boards

  • FR-4, FR-406, Lead-free FR-4, Polyimide, Rogers, and other materials. Many board thickness options available.

  • Finishes: HASL (solder finish), HASL (Lead-free), Gold Body (Hard Gold), Immersion Gold (ENIG), Immersion Silver, and more.

  • Minimum 5 mils trace/space(0.005")

  • Minimum hole size 6 mils (0.006")

  • Any number of drill sizes allowed (we do not restrict you to pre-set sizes!)

  • 1 day turn time thru 4 week turn times available.

  • From 1 piece to large quantities

  • Both Plated and Non-Plated holes allowed

  • Arrays, Cutouts, Slots, Scoring allowed

  • Gold Finishes and Gold Fingers allowed

  • Controlled Impedance and Controlled Dielectrics allowed (with some restrictions)

  • Counter Bores and Counter Sinks allowed

  • Electrical Test option available (mandatory for 6 layers and above)

  • Web PCBs FAQ

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We find that our Online Specials (No Touch or Web PCBs) can service a significant number of our customer designs. If your design specs do not fit our online specials, you can upload your design file and get a custom quote from our sales reps.

We custom quote and manufacture all kinds of hi-technology PCBs, including cutting-edge prototypes. For example, Microelectronics PCBs with trace/space down to 1 mil (0.001"). Or 22 layer boards with 3 mil traces. Or metal core boards for aerospace applications. You dream up the PCB design, and we can probably make it.

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