Mil-spec PCBs

Sierra Proto Express is qualified by the USA Department of Defense to MIL- PRF-55110F for GF (FR4) and GI (Polyimide) Printed Circuit Boards.

Sierra Proto Express has an extended history of manufacturing High Rel printed circuit boards to MIL-PRF-55110 F. We have in-house capability to provide Group A testing that is required for Mil-Spec PCB boards.
Our Mil-spec pcb customers include companies like NASA, Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL), Lockheed Martin, L3 Communications, and Naval Research Labs. 
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Mil-spec PCB Capabilities

(Capabilities include the following, but are not limited to it. Call us for your special needs!)
  Materials FR4 and Polyimide
  Special Requirements - Copper and Aluminum Metal Core
- Impedance Controlled Boards
- Milling
- Blind vias
- Buried vias
- Filled vias
- Plasma etchback
  Pitch Min .5 mm
  SMT and Through Hole
     Min Line/Space  .003"/.003"
     Surface Mt Pad .008" min
     Layer to Layer Reg +/- .002"
     Max Layers 20
     Min Dielectric .0035"
     Max Thickness .250"
     Overall Thickness +/- 10%
     Bow & Twist  W/SMD .75%
     Bow & Twist  WO/SMD 1.5%
  Drill and Routing
     Hole Location .004"
     Tolerance (PTH) +/- .003"
     Tolerance (NPTH)  +/- .001"
     Min Drill Size  .006"
     Aspect Ratio  16:1
     Min Pad FHS + .014"
     Min Plane Relief  FHS + .025"
     Electroless Nickel 100 u Min, 150 u Max
     Immersion Gold  3 u - 8 u
     Nickel (electroplated) .0003" - .0005"
     Max Gold (electroplated) 100 u
     Solder  coverage and solderable
  Etch Factors
     Inner Layer + .0005"
     Outer Layer  + .0005"
     Controlled Impedance  + 10% (Tighter tolerances down to 5% may be allowed on a per job basis with additional charges)
  Solder Mask
     Min Clearance  .002" /side
     Min Lay Down .004"
     Color  Clear, Black, Red, Blue, White, Purple, etc.
     Min Line .005"
     Color  White, Black, Yellow, etc. 

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