High Technology PCBs

High Technology Boards are for customers who require special materials, stringent process-controls (such as Milspec, Burn-in Boards, etc.), or non-standard features (such as micro-BGA's, controlled impedance, etc.). Full-service testing, quick-turn and volume-order service is available with all products.

Specialty Products

If you can design it, we can do it—for any design that requires special materials, non-standard features and/or customized engineering. Price and delivery vary according to design-requirements

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High Density Interconnect HDI

Dense Boards for high frequency circuits with high signal integrity.

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Microelectronics: In 2005 Sierra opened a new Microelectronics Division to serve the fast growing need for really small, complex PCBs for the Microelectronics market. This division provides PCBs down to 1 Mil (0.001") lines and spaces.

For all your microelectronics inquiries, please contact Amit Bahl at 408-891-7872 or

To get a quote on your microelectronics design, please upload your design files at www.protoexpress.com/custom-quote

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Milspec Boards

Milspec-certified with 15 years of experience building flight boards. We use FR4, Polyimide and Kevlar materials. Price and delivery vary according to design requirements

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Burn-in Boards

Specializing in .8-.5mm pitch BGAs, pressure mount sockets, HAST boards and up to 16 layers with .062" thickness.

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Heavy Copper Boards

We specialize in heavy copper, buried copper, different levels of copper, all with fine lines.

High Reliability PCBs

Boards which must not fail under extreme environment and critical applications.

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To get a quote submit your gerber files to www.protoexpress.com/custom-quote