High Reliability PCBs

These are PCBs which cannot fail under extreme environment and critical applications.

There are increasingly demanding applications today that require that the PCBs that cannot fail under use. Some examples are PCBs for space, aeronautical, military, transportation, and medical businesses.

To meet this need our R&D department created a "Hi Rel" printed circuit board which is unsurpassed in its reliability. This board is capable of withstanding up to 2000 cycles from -40C to 145C (normal board may withstand 120-300 cycles) and withhold up to 30 cycles at 570F (three times that of the new Lead Free T288 Test requirements.)

We know that with current technology available in the market, the PCB failure rates for such applications are unacceptable and losses are astronomical.

In lab tests on our Hi-Rel boards, even low Tg 135C FR-4 sample boards survived 1800 cycles, which is far beyond the 120 cycles typical in the industry. Such a product has never been available in the market!

Sierra Proto Express is pleased to offer this new Hi-Reliability product to customers to increase their profitability and competitiveness.

End Markets

Space, Aeronautical, Military, Transportation, Medical business

Turn Time and Quantity

Quick-turn Prototypes as well as production volumes

Benefits of Our Proven Technology:

  • UL Approved
  • Improves thermal cycling reliability by a factor of 4 times or more
  • Improves assembly solder cycle reliability 3-4 times or more
  • Tg is not an important effect with HI.E.R. as the copper via is now stronger then the laminate expansion
  • Does not effect any parameters such as dielectric rating, CAF ability, impedance or fine lines
  • Extends lower temperature usability to -173 C or lower
  • Extends upper usable temperature a significant amount above Tg
  • Does not affect UL or military rating.
  • Significantly improves RAD ratings in nuclear hardening
  • Has been extensively tested by Sierra engineering staff as well as certified independent laboratories to significantly improve reliability

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