Please use this helpful checklist to verify completeness of your design files. This will help prevent unnecessary delays
in processing your quote or order.

Do your design files clearly specify the following?
#of Layers
Board Dimensions
Finished Thickness
Surface Finish
Outer Layer Copper weight (also known as Finished Copper)
Inner Layer Copper weight (if applicable)
Solder Mask Color (if Solder Mask is required)
Solder Mask Type (if Solder Mask is required)
Solder Mask Sides (if Solder Mask is required)
Silkscreen Color (if Silkscreen is required)
Silkscreen Sides (if Silkscreen is required)
Layer Order (also known as stackup)
Board Outline
Drill File
Design files are in Gerber 274X or 274D format (274X strongly preferred)
» All special requirements must be clearly shown on Fab Drawing.
If you also want us to do Assembly, please include following in your zip file:
  • BOM file (in excel format)

  • X Y Data (also known as placement List)

  • Assembly Drawings
If your files are ready, You can either buy from our online instant pricing promotions on this website (see Products & Services in Menu) OR if the online specials don't match your design specifications, you can get a custom quote.