Sierra Circuits’ Weekly Roundup: Robots & The Semi-Additive Process

Industry News and Updates

Rigid-Flex Case Study
Flex and Rigid-flex printed circuit board designs have different design and manufacturability rules than traditional PCBs. Flexible circuits are lightweight, durable, and easy to install. From tips and charts to sample stackups, this guide will explain how to design a flex board that fits all your requirements.

Semi-additive Fabrication
Sales and Marketing Director Amit Bahl wrote a blog post for EETimes, where he discussed the advantages in using the semi-additive process. This process can cut trace/space in half, allowing boards to have trace width and spacing as fine as 1.25 mils.

Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week

Computer Operates on Water Droplets
Stanford engineers developed a computer that operates using water droplets as power! This synchonous computer uses an operating clock and the manipulation of droplet fluid dynamics.

10 PCB Simulation Apps
“Whether you’re a professional printed circuit board designer or do-it-yourselfer, you know that testing your circuit board design is a must. Testing can save you money and time avoiding faulty PCB fabrication because it gives you a chance to fix what doesn’t work before the board is made.”

Weekly Favorites

This video is a must-watch. We guarantee it will be the best minute and thirteen seconds of your day!

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