Weekly Roundup: Intel, Firefighter’s Drones, Tiny George Takei

Industry News and Updates

Intel’s Kaby Lake
At the end of August, Intel officially launched their 7th core Gen processor, Kaby Lake. The improvement from the last chip may mean new laptops and devices from tech giants.

Robot Arm Sews a Shirt
Startup Sewbo has figured out how to automate the textile industry. A robot arm holds onto the to artificially stiffened fabric and holds it in place while it transforms into a perfectly stitched t-shirt.

Stories We Didn’t Cover

New York Firefighters Embrace Drones
Fire-engine red drones will be sent over major fires and emergencies to send real-time images and video back to commanders.

Delving Into the Chip Process War
Learn more about the changing landscape of the semiconductor industry and FinFET versus FD-SOI processes.

Weekly Favorites

Microsoft’s Actiongram Features Miniature George Takei
Microsoft came out with Actiongram for their HoloLens, giving their users a tiny hologram of George Takei to enjoy.

Enjoy this video of a voice-activated licorice launcher.

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