Weekly Roundup: Drones, Transistors, and Halloween!

Industry News and Updates

3D Printed Bones Can Stimulate Regeneration
Researchers have developed hyperplastic bone, a flexible substance that when implanted, can stimulate blood vessel and new bone growth. This will revolutionize the way bone injuries are treated.

Get that Underwater Drone You’ve Always Wanted
Flying drones have been in the news and on social media for while now, but there are drones that operate in water, too. These will help researchers look at ocean life, or move through dangerous environments.

Stories We Didn’t Cover

One-Nanometer Transistors Demonstrated
Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California have fabricated a one-nanometer transistor made with a combination of molybdenum disulfide and carbon nanotubes.

3D Printing + Smartphone = Microscope!
A Stanford engineer 3D printed the base of a microscope using a smartphone as the lens. A sample slide is slid into the slot, and an app on the phone can look at the slide. The user can move LED lights around to look at the slide.

GM Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Cars
General Motors is working with the US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center to make a pickup. The car will run on hydrogen-based electrical vehicle technology.

Weekly Favorites

This week, some Halloween-themed favorites:

Light ‘em Up!
Six ways for you to add lights to your Halloween costume!

Use a Waterjet to Carve This Year’s Pumpkin

3D Print a Lightsaber

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